Roger Manno picks up key endorsement in looming congressional bid

By Ryan Miner 

Maryland Democratic State Senator Roger Manno (District 19) was cautious this past weekend when I asked him point-blank if he is jumping into the Democratic primary in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

Manno, who is seemingly and perhaps smartly, playing coy with his congressional ambitions wasn’t ready to commit to having an on-the-record conversation with me about what most of us connected Maryland politicos already know: Roger Manno is definitely running for Congress in the 6th Congressional District’s Democratic primary if John Delaney pursues higher or much higher office.

Yesterday afternoon, Manno’s political Facebook page shared two Tweets authored by his friend, State Senator Ron Young (District 3 – Frederick City):

Manno’s Facebook posting does not mention explicitly that he’s running for Congress, but this is the easiest case on record of reading between the proverbial lines.

Manno was a key participant in the exceptionally well-attended Western Maryland Democratic Summit held at Rocky Gap last weekend. There, he spoke of his childhood, opening a window into the personal tragedies he and his family suffered through. His story was quite touching, and it’s one that I hope he shares time and again on the campaign trail in Western Maryland – that is, if he decides to jump into the congressional race.

Finishing out his Western Maryland weekend, on Sunday, Manno stopped by the Hagerstown City Park, spending some time with the gaggle of marchers who participated in an organized “Climate March” through the City of Hagerstown.

At the park, I had another opportunity to speak Manno, and it was there that I met his wonderful spouse. I’m not positive if Manno was originally scheduled to speak by the organizers of the event, but I encouraged him nevertheless to speak extemporaneously to the crowd. Shortly thereafter, Manno was standing on the Dr. Peter Buys bandstand giving a speech:

Manno certainly isn’t short on progressive supporters. Just today, Garrett County Democratic activist Dawn Beitzel shared Manno’s political Facebook page in one of the Garrett County groups, peppering her post with,

Pay attention to Roger Manno as the Congressional District 6 race begins! Hands down the most authentic, caring, accessible representative I have ever met! #mannocares#cantresist

Manno hasn’t officially begun raising money and hasn’t made any formal announcements about a campaign kickoff date. Keep an eye on for the scoop.

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