Doug Gansler: ‘John Delaney is running for president’

Former Md. Attorney General Doug Gansler (D) spilled the beans about Rep. John Delaney’s presidential plans at the 2017 Western Maryland Democratic Summit.

Maryland Democrats meet every year at Rocky Gap State Park for the annual Western Maryland Democratic Summit.

During the 2017 Democratic meeting, Mr. Gansler, running again for governor in 2022, speculated about Delaney’s future political plans.

A Miner Detail Editor in Chief Ryan Miner proceeded to pump Gansler for information about Delaney’s scheduled June announcement.

Gansler’s conversation with A Miner Detail

Miner: “What do you believe are Rep. Delaney’s future political plans?”

Gansler: “John isn’t running for governor.”

Miner: “I heard the congressman is announcing on June 26.”

Miner: “Okay, do you think he’ll forgo running for governor in 2018, stay where he is in Congress, and run in 2022 instead?”

Gansler: “I want Delaney to run for president.”Me: “Of the United States?”

Ganser: “Yes!”

Miner: “Why do you believe that?”

Gansler: “Just wait and see; John is making an announcement, but he isn’t running for governor.”

Is Gansler on to something?

All of John Delaney’s public moves indicate some campaign-in-waiting – but what?

The Tweet confirming Gansler’s speculation

This tweet appeared on Twitter soon after A Miner Detail‘s exchange with Gansler.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews on John Delaney running for president

Did Chris Matthews have Freudian slip on live television?

The [former] MSNBC host would indeed have the inside scoop on Maryland politics. Matthews’ wife, Kathleen Matthews, served led Maryland’s Democratic Party until 2019.

John Delaney for President?

A campaign office in Iowa?

Is a Delaney presidential bid that far-fetched?

Mr. Delaney is a successful business executive.

In Congress, he’s considered a Democratic moderate.

Is Delaney known outside Maryland’s borders?

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