Robin Ficker uses picture of Judge Viki Pauler on campaign mailer

By Ryan Miner 


Republican voters in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District were a bit surprised to see Judge Viki Pauler’s picture on the front of Robin Ficker’s latest campaign mailer.

A source today in Washington County told me that one of Judge Pauler’s volunteers at the Washington County early voting center claimed that the Judge is “angry” with Robin Ficker for using her photograph in his latest mailer. 

The photograph of Ficker, giving his signature one-finger salute, standing alongside Judge Pauler and her supporters was taken on Saturday, March 26 at a Halfway (Washington County) candidate meet-and-greet.

I’m not a betting man, but I will go out on a limb here and bet that Judge Pauler’s volunteer was right when they said Pauler is angry with Ficker. I assume the Judge’s alleged anger has something to do with Ficker failing to first solicit her unequivocal permission to use her photograph in a Robin Ficker campaign mailer.

Do you really think Judge Pauler would approve of Robin Ficker using a photograph of her on a campaign mailer?

Robin Ficker has a unique habit of shooting first and aiming second – kind of like how he places his 4×8 campaign signs on private property and public right-of-ways without first asking permission from property owners.

I reached out to Judge Pauler’s campaign for comment. I’ll update this report as soon as I hear back from the Pauler campaign.

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