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By Ryan Miner 

It’s been a busy day for A Miner Detail.

Beginning this morning, A Miner Detail was quoted in an article written by Mike Persley of The Frederick News-Post. Persley’s article mentioned A Miner Detail’s reporting on the anonymous negative mailer that targeted Brunswick City Council candidate Eric Beasley.

Here’s a brief snippet of the News-Post’s article:

The feud includes political blogger Ryan Miner, for whom Beasley writes. Sometimes, Ficker is a target of Miner’s blog.

On the blog, Miner posted a screen shot of a private Facebook message in which Ficker told Beasley: “I plan on covering the Brunswick elections on Facebook. Part of that will be your criminal record and allegations of abuse against you.”

Click here to read full story written by The Frederick News-Post.

This afternoon, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the campaign arm of the Republican National Committee dedicated to increasing the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, linked to A Miner Detail’s reporting on Gov. Larry Hogan’s response to John Delaney’s criticism-filled letter to the editor that was featured in the Herald-Mail.

Here’s a snippet of the NRCC’s article:

Can someone tell John Delaney to get off his high horse? Yesterday in a letter to the editor, Delaney feigned outrage against Governor Larry Hogan regarding I-81, a dangerous and accident-prone highway. Since Delaney is claiming the Governor hasn’t done anything for I-81, surely he must have been working tirelessly, meeting with the Hogan Administration at any chance he was given, to fix this problem for his constituents, right?

Click here to read the NRCC’s full story.

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