Covid-19 Forces Ocean City Mask Mandate; Eastern Shore Medevac Unit Could Be Eliminated

An Ocean City mask declaration is now in effect amid increasing Covid-19 cases; plus, Eastern Shore lawmakers rallying to save a State Police medevac unit.

A new Ocean City, Maryland mask declaration could land you a criminal misdemeanor if you fail to comply.

Are you planning a trip to good ol’ Ocean City, Maryland any time soon?

Maryland’s premier beach is considered a Covid-19 hotspot. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has even issued a travel advisory to discourage people to travel to 9 states.

The infectious virus known globally as the coronavirus has now taken over 153,000 American lives as of August 1.

Pack up your sunscreen and Solarcaine – but don’t forget your face mask.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan’s new face mask order is now in effect, as of Friday, July 31.

All Ocean City beachcombers and visitors must now wear face masks along the 2 1/2 mile stretch of Ocean City’s legendary boardwalk.

The order extends to outside areas and places of business where social distancing is not possible, coinciding with Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) new masking order.

If you’re age five or older, you will need a mask if you plan to be on the boardwalk from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. the next day – for at least 30 days.

But will you face an actual criminal penalty? 

What happens if someone chooses not to comply with the mayor’s new mask order?

They could face a misdemeanor penalty – though it’s probably unlikely.

Police will enforce the mask mandate by educating non-mask-wearing vacationers about the new order.

Nonetheless, there is always that one person in the crowd who acts a fool, however.

Ocean City Police won’t be out looking to arrest vacationers for not wearing masks- but if you’re out of control or acting belligerent, do not be surprised if you end up with an invitation to stand before a local judge.

The 47th annual White Marlin Open begins August 3.

If you’re planning to attend the annual marlin fishing tournament, be sure to grab your face masks before dropping by M.R. Ducks or the Crag Bag.

Please consider taking extra precautions beyond just wearing a mas: keep an eye on the weather; Hurricane Isaias could make landfall soon.

Several Eastern Shore lawmakers and concerned citizens rally to save a State Police medevac aviation unit.

A number of Eastern Shore state lawmakers and Shore residents are fighting to save a Maryland State Police medevac aviation unit after the Covid-19 global pandemic has forced Maryland to take tough austerity measures.

Losing a medevac chopper has raised serious concerns among many of the shore’s residents, who say that the sparsely populated communities across the Chesapeake could lose out to wealthier and more politically influential areas west of the Bay Bridge.

Maryland’s Board of Public Works on July 22 voted 2-1 vote to approve $413.17 million in cuts in the state’s Fiscal Year 2021.

Hogan originally requested $672 million in cuts as the coronavirus pandemic takes its tool on Maryland’s economy.

Easton’s Trooper 6 is the unlucky State Police chopper on the chopping block.

Maryland Budget Secretary David Brinkley recommended the elimination of one medivac unit.

The Board of Public Works voted to approve the cuts that would shut down Trooper 6.

Many Eastern Shore lawmakers and county officials say Trooper 6’s loss would be devastating. They point out that Caroline and Queen Anne’s Counties are the only two Maryland counties without area hospitals.

State officials are in the process of conducting a feasibility study around the six aviation stations.

That study is expected to be finished sometime in September.


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