Nadia Hashimi Congressional Bid

Nadia Hashimi ran for Congress in Maryland's 6th Congressional District in 2018.

Nadia Hashimi, a pediatrician and novelist, was a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the 2018 political cycle.

Hashimi launched her bid for Maryland’s 6th District Congressional in October 2017 from the Gaithersburg Library.

A Democrat, Hashimi described herself at the time as a “doctor on a mission.”

Toby Chaudhuri, a co-founder of the SocialxDesign consulting firm, spoke first at Hashimi’s congressional launch.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm – partially because she is not the same as the other candidates,” Chaudhuri said.

Chaudhuri described Hashimi’s Democratic opponents as “all career politicians” and political insiders.

Regarding Hashimi’s campaign strategy, Chaudhuri said his candidate could win the 2018 6th District Democratic primary with about a third of the Democratic base.

Hashimi, 39 at the time, earned 10% of the vote in the Democratic primary that year, placing fourth amid eight candidates.

She was soundly defeated by now-Rep. David J. Trone (D-MD).

Nadia Hashimi Campaign Launch 

Dr. Carolyn O’Connor, a Rockville-based family physician, spoke at Hashimi’s Gaithersburg campaign launch.

O’Connor, a friend of Hashimi’s, described “Dr. Nadia as a woman of boundless energy and numerous talents.”

After Hashimi’s supporters spoke, Hashimi thanked those who spoke on her behalf and her supporters for joining her campaign launch.

Hashimi, a noted author, said that people who would attend her book clubs would frequently inquire whether she was planning to run for elected office.

“I didn’t decide to run for office on a whim,” Hashimi said.

“And I thought really carefully about what it would mean but also what it would mean for my family,” she said.

After Hashimi’s campaign manager, Arzo Wardak, spoke after Hashimi finished her remarks.

“I’ve assembled an amazing team – not just from here; people from California,” Wardak said.

Wardak, a Harvard graduate, shared that she never thought about living in Maryland but decided to move to the state to work on Hashimi’s campaign.

She asked the attendees to keep in mind that Hashimi’s campaign team has made “immeasurable sacrifices” so Hashimi “can end up on Capitol Hill.”

Nadia Hashimi’s Political Platform

Hashimi shared some of the reasons why she jumped into the race.

My work as a pediatrician, my work writing novels about female empowerment, about poverty, about political corruption, my work raising four children, my work as a business manager where I am responsible for employees, and my role as a first-generation American – all of these have given me some insight into the struggles of American families facing today,” she said.

Hashimi focused her campaign on protecting veterans, healthcare, and preventing gun violence.

“I am tired of dark money, making decisions while families struggle. That’s why I’m running,” Hashimi said.

A 2017 federal campaign finance report showed Hashimi’s raised $286,057.

She gave herself a $225,000 loan and a $5700 candidate contribution.

As of October 2017, $55,357 of Hashimi’s donations came from individual donors.

Nadia Hashimi Family, Background 

Hashimi is married to Amin Amini, a neurosurgeon. They have four children together.

The couple moved to Maryland in 2008.

She said her husband finished high school in Afghanistan and then fled with his family to Germany.

Where did Hashimi grow up? 

Hashimi grew up in New Jersey.

She moved to rural New York at age twelve and worked at her parents’ family-owned deli.

Where did Hashimi go to college and medical school? 

Hashimi, born in December 1977 to Afghan parents, graduated from Brandeis University and later earned her medical degree at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine.

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