Nadia Hashimi is running for Congress in CD-6

Paul Bessel’s Facebook candidate list has become the predominant go-to source for Maryland politicos tracking who is running for public office in 2018 and who isn’t.

This morning, Bessel released an updated candidate list that included a new congressional candidate – Nadia Hashimi – who is running for Congress in the 6th Congressional District. Bessel wrote that Hashimi as “definitely running.”

In full disclosure, I am relatively new to the Montgomery County political scene, so I am unfamiliar with Hashimi, and I haven’t heard that she is running for Congress – until today. Many other well-connected Maryland politicos may be far ahead of this story, but today is the first time I have heard her name.

I quickly referenced Maryland’s State Board of Elections website for an updated candidate list, but Hashimi’s name is not listed as a registered candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

Hashimi has registered a federal campaign finance committee with the Federal Election Commission.

Here’s what I did find out about Hashimi through a cursory internet search:

  • Nadia Hashimi is a 39-year-old female Democrat
  • She lives in Potomac, Md.
  • The Washington Post featured a story on her in 2015
  • According to The Post, she is a pediatrician, novelist and best-selling author
  • She was raised between New York and New Jersey
  • She is married with three children

I contacted Dr. Hashimi this morning via email asking if she is running for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

I will have more on this story later as it unfolds.

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