Nadia Hashimi releases video announcing run for CD-6

Potomac pediatrician and bestselling author Dr. Nadia Hashimi, 39, released her first campaign video through Facebook on Sunday evening around 8:45 p.m. in the form of a verbal letter to her four children, articulating some of the reasons she is running for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District as well as vowing to “fight for you.”

After the release of Hashimi’s first campaign video, she hosted a Facebook Live forum in which she detailed and articulated some of her policy prescriptions.

“We have a government run truly on money,” Hashimi said. “It’s not really a surprise.”

Hashimi questioned why the country is being held hostage to gun violence and went on to ask why the National Rifle Association has so much power.

Hashimi responded to a Facebook Live question on gun violence posed by Sarah.

“We’re not saying repeal the Second Amendment, we’re saying let’s do the research. Cancer kills people. What do we do? We put money into research. Heart disease kills people. What do we do? We put money into research. Gun violence kills thousands and thousands of people each year, including children, and what do we do? We send our thoughts and prayers. That’s not acceptable to me.”

The Potomac pediatrician took another question on health insurance and how to fix it.

“There is health care and then there is health coverage. Health care is the delivery of actual services. Health coverage, right now, is a private industry of insurance companies,” Hashimi said.

“Our health coverage system is not looking out for us,” Hashimi went on to say.

Hashimi closed her live video saying “we have to be responsible for the government, for the democracy we have. I am woke. You are woke. We are all woke. We are going to make some changes.”



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