Maryland’s at-large Republican delegates

By Ryan Miner 


The Maryland Republican Party will hold its annual spring convention this weekend, May 13 and 14, at the DoubleTree Hilton in Annapolis.

The Executive Committee meeting will be held on Friday evening along with the various hospitality suites; the usual amoral Republican debauchery begins precisely at 8:00 p.m. I look forward to being kicked out of – and I’m roughly guessing – at least two hospitality suites for being both a libertarian and decidedly #NeverTrump. (I am only kidding about being thrown out of a Republican hospitality suite, or am I?)

The general session and planned workshops will be held on Saturday throughout the day. Following the conclusion of the general session, the Party will be hosting a reception with Delegate Kathy Szeliga, our Republican U.S. Senate candidate. The Party will also be giving out its annual awards to the men, women, and county to honor their outstanding achievement and work for the Maryland Republican Party.

The process of selecting at-large delegates completely eluded me until Don Murphy, Maryland’s godfather and go-to expert on all things Republican, reminded me that he’s running for an at-large delegate position to the national convention. During one of the general sessions (I assume the afternoon session), members of the Republican central committees will elect eleven at-large delegates and eleven alternate at-large delegates.

The list of at-large and alternate at-large delegates can be seen below:

At-large candidates:

Adams, Chris

Adams, Matt

Albert, David

Allison, Cathey

Alzona, Gus

Bogley Knickman, Laura

Boone, Kory

Bossie, David

Brewington, Julie

Burke- Russell, Mary

Campbell, Antonio

Campbell, William

Cluster, John

Cooper, Brandon

Craig, Eugene

Decker, Gregory

Della, Gloria

Ehrlich, Kendel

Fenati, Patricia

Fiastro Jr., John

Frazier, Donald

Gardner, Tom

Grammer, Robin

Grodecki, Ray

Guy, Gary

Haire, Dirk

Harris, Andy

Harris, Melanie

Havis, Lee

Helminiack, Larry

Hershey, Steve

Jennings, J.B.

Loudon, Faith

Marston, Rori

Mautz, John

McConkey, Tony

McIver, Mark

McKay, Michael

Murphy, Don

Myers, Dave

Norman. Wayne

O’Donnell, Anthony

Patel, Dwight

Pycha, Maria

Reeder, James

Rey, Deb

Richbourg, William

Ristaino, Tony

Roger, Jane

Rosenthal, R. Chris

Salling, Johnny Ray

Sanchez, Richard

Schuh, Steve

Shank, Mitch

Shields, Loretta

Smero, Kathleen

Smigiel, Michael D.

Volke, Nathan

Wafer, John

Waugh, Steve

Wivell, William

Who should you consider? I’m not part of the election process, but I would consider voting for the following names:

David Bossie, Julie Brewington, Mark Burke-Russell, William Campbell, John Cluster, Brandon Cooper, Eugene Craig, John Fiastro, Robin Grammer, Ray Grodecki, Steve Hershey, J.B. Jennings, Faith Loudon, John Mautz, Tony McConkey, Mike McKay, DON MURPHY, Wayne Norman, Maria Pycha, Deb Rey, Johnny Ray Salling, Steve Schuh, Loretta Shields, Kathleen Smero, Michael D. Smigiel and Nathan Volke.

Yes – I listed more than eleven names above, but these are the people who I would personally feel comfortable selecting if I had the choice.

Now, the alternate at-large delegates:

Alzona, Marcus

Anayanwu, Chike

Boteler, Joe

Charles, Robert

Cioppa, Kevin

Coldren, Dale

Crawford, Cynthia

Dobbs, David

Fenati, Samuel

Fisher, Deena

Fleischmann, Fred

Gillin, Joe

Goodnick, Paul

Grasso, John

Harris, William

Higgs, Michael

Houser, Cynthia

Johnston, David

Kazcmarek, Larry

Kingston, Tim

Lathrop, Daniel

Letourneam, Fulton Jude

Martinez Jr., Alirio

Minnick, John

Mirabile, Frank

Murphy, Gloria

O’Keefe, Patrick

O’Keeffe, Mary

Polansky, Mark

Puig, Luis

Reilly, Jim

Shelton, Duane

Showe, Steven

Smith, C. Paul

Sukol, Todd J.

Trotta, Christina

Weirich, Nathan

Who should you vote for? Again, if I were voting (I am not), I would select the following names:

Marcus, Alzona, Joe Botetler, Joe Gillin, William Harris, Michael Higgs, Alirio Martinez Jr., GLORIA MURPHY, Patrick O’Keefe and Christina Trotta.

Of the names listed above, I strongly urge Republicans NOT to vote for Kory Boone, Steve Showe, and the racist, sexist and gay-hating Frank Mirabile. I emphatically urge Republicans to vote against these Republicans by selecting other names instead – much better names to represent our Party at the national convention.

I fully hope and expect David Bossie to be elected as Maryland’s next Republican National Committeeman. I also look forward to Nicolee Ambrose being reelected as Maryland’s Republican National Committeewoman.

See you this weekend at the convention.

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