The mysterious Pat Mooney

By Ryan Miner 


Eyebrows aren’t the only thing Patrick “Pat” Mooney is raising in Florida. The former Virginia resident – now running as a Republican in Florida’s 6th Congressional district as a Trump-like hardliner – is raising serious questions about the amount of cash he’s raised, and how.

Pat Mooney, the little brother to U.S. Representative Alex X. Mooney, a carpetbagging West Virginia transplant who managed to win a congressional seat in 2014 after convincing residents of WV-2 that he moved to “live in freedom” (he actually said that), raised $153,203, according to his 2016 April quarterly FEC report.

Of the cash Mooney raised, only one donation was received from Volusia, FL, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Volusia County encompasses a wide swath of Florida’s 6th Congressional District.

At the close of Q1, Mooney reported $333,846.24 cash on hand. However, of the total amount raised, Mooney gave himself a $200,000 loan.

How does a congressional candidate who recently filed bankruptcy in U.S. District Court manage to afford a $200,000 loan? Mooney – who is divorced twice, according to court documents – filed bankruptcy in Idaho.

According to court documents,

Patrick testified at hearing that he left Virginia and relocated to Idaho in January 2012. He then filed a divorce action in Idaho state court in February 2012. Lynn’s divorce action was filed on March 2, 2012, in Virginia state court. The Idaho court entered a judgment of divorce on April 9, 2012.

After the Idaho divorce judgment was entered, and after Patrick filed an answer in the Virginia action, he filed his May 23, 2012 petition commencing a chapter 13 case before this Court.

Information on Mooney’s bankruptcy can be seen below:

Pat Mooney Bankruptcy by Ryan Miner

Sources with knowledge of Mooney’s background claim that he has filed bankruptcy more than once. I am working to confirm the details.

Mooney’s multiple Florida addresses

Mooney lists 150 Greenbriar Ave – Ormond Beach, FL 32174 as his current address. But my Florida sources claim that Mooney is only renting the Ormond Beach home in Volusia County for political expediency; Volusia County is considered a central voting bloc of Florida’s 6th Congressional District.

Earlier this year in January, Mooney filed paperwork with the Florida Department of State to incorporate “PM Fundraising Services, INC,” an apparent fundraising company that lists his home mailing address at 3817 W. Glendale Court – St. John’s, FL 32259. Mooney lists the principal address of his fundraising company at 12001 Abess Blvd., #1315 – Jacksonville, FL 32225.

However, and again, my sources in Florida claim that Mooney still maintains his residence in St. Johns (3817 W. Glendale Court). Court documents show that Mooney and his ex-wife, Lynn, took out a mortgage in 2005 on the W. Glendale Court home in St. Johns.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.39.58 AM

More unanswered questions… 

Does Mr. Mooney have a house guest/tenant at his home in St. Johns? It appears so.

Charles W. Hunter III is listed on page 22 of Mooney’s latest FEC report living at 3817 W. Glendale Court in St. Johns.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.08.07 AM

Who is Charles W. Hunter III and why is he living at Pat Mooney’s house in St. Johns?

According to the Florida Department of State, Mr. Hunter incorporated “Charlie Hunter, INC” in January 2014. Hunter lists his mailing address at 3817. W. Glendale Court in St. Johns – Pat Mooney’s home address. According to my sources, Hunter is retired but owns a small business selling airplanes., a global aviation software and data services company that track flights worldwide, confirms that an airplane in St. Johns, FL is registered to Hunter.

Is Charles Hunter responsible for maintaining Mooney’s home in St. Johns while Mooney is running for Congress from Ormond Beach? I am working to confirm the details.

Where does Pat Mooney really reside – in Ormond Beach or in St. Johns? Given Mooney’s rough start on the campaign trail – you know, comparing the process of tracking immigrants to tracking cattle – he should lock down responses to some of the more pointed background questions Florida voters are throwing at him on the campaign trail.

Why do I care about a guy running for Congress in Florida when I live in Maryland? Fair question. Pat Mooney’s latest FEC report shows that he raised a significant amount of money from outside the district; his biggest donors happen to be from my hometown, good o’l Hagerstown, Maryland.

At A Miner Detail, we follow the money, and Mooney’s cash trail goes all the way up I-95 north, turns west onto I-70 and lands itself in Maryland.

We cover Maryland politics by way of Florida. When politics in Florida and Maryland intersect, A Miner Detail is on it, especially when Pat’s brother is Congressman Mooney, the former chairman of the Maryland Republican Party and now pretend lifelong West Virginian.

Stay tuned for more on Pat Mooney.

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