GOP Central Committee member applies for vacant commissioner seat

By Ryan Miner 

UPDATE: Seth Wilson was soundly rejected by the Washington County Republican Central Committee for the commissioner seat! A total disaster!


Seth Edward Wilson, the 1st Vice Chair of the Washington County Republican Central Committee, announced last evening via Facebook he has submitted the requisite paperwork to apply for the vacant Washington County commissioner seat.

I submitted my application package for the vacant County Commissioner seat to the Republican Central Committee earlier…

Posted by Seth Wilson on Friday, February 19, 2016

Wilson, an extremist right-wing ideologue and demagogue, was elected to the Washington County Republican Central Committee in 2014. Many of Wilson’s radical social positions may be an issue – even for the uber-conservative Washington County Republican Central Committee.

Last year, Wilson also applied for the vacant delegate seat that was left open when the Republican Central Committee appointed Andrew Serafini to fill Chris Shank’s seat in the Maryland Senate. Wilson, however, claimed that he recused himself from the vote. Wilson was, according to members of the committee, soundly rejected for the vacancy.

Wilson was part of the same nine-member Republican Central Committee that chose Woody Spong to replace Bill Wivell.

In an unusual twist, Wilson ran against former Republican Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett in the 2010 Republican CD-6 primary. Wilson’s 2010 congressional Facebook page is still active. Wilson earned only 5.5% of the vote and came in second to last in the five-person Republican primary.

Considered to be “tech savvy” by some, Wilson is apparently responsible for updating the Washington County Republican Central Committee’s website (and Facebook page?). I wonder if Wilson watched the commissioner applications flow in and decided – at the last minute – that he would throw his hat into the ring?

Why are Republican Central Committee members even allowed to apply for county and statewide vacancies? Would it not be a conflict of interest for other members if they vote on Wilson’s application?

If the committee ultimately decides to choose Wilson and send his name to Gov. Hogan, would he not have the inside track, considering he does work with the Republican Central Committee members? Doesn’t this reek of insider baseball and more cronyism that led to Woody Spong’s selection?

Wilson is notably opposed to same-sex marriage and marriage equality and has taken hardline positions on marijuana. I wonder how Wilson would approach Washington County’s newly approved medical marijuana facility?

Wilson also writes a rather interesting – to say the least – “blog” entitled “A History of Seth.” Wilson’s musings can be found here.

I urge Washington County residents to the contact the Republican Central Committee and reject the partisan ideologue Wilson.

Does Washington County really want another insider being selected by the committee who gave them Woody Spong?

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