Robin Wivell claiming she’s “locked up” vacant commissioner seat

By Ryan Miner 


Multiple sources in Washington County are reporting to me that Robin Wivell, an applicant for the vacant Washington County Commissioner seat, is convinced she has the commissioner seat her husband once held locked up.

In the last week, a multitude of Washington County Republicans told me off the record that Wivell – in private conversations with other Republicans – is claiming she is the number-one choice among the eight deciding members of the Washington County Republican Central Committee to replace Woody Spong. Sources have told me that Wivell is “absolutely confident” that she will be the collective choice of said committee.

Prior to the start of the Republican congressional debate, held last Thursday at the Funkstown American Legion, Mrs. Wivell tracked me down in the large legion hall and verbally accosted me for writing about her on this blog. Wivell was overhead by many, shouting, “Just keep writing about me.” Wivell then overshadowed Kim, staring at her and encroaching into her private space as a means of intimidation.

Terry Baker’s sister, Coreena Baker-McAllister, grabbed Wivell by the shoulders and quickly whisked her away from Kim and myself. A very troubling and sad moment for Robin Wivell.

I have heard, however, that Wivell’s commissioner interview with the Republican Central Committee was a total disaster. Yesterday I reported that Wayne Keefer and Randy Wagner may be the frontrunners leading the pack to fill the vacant commissioner seat.

The Republican Central Committee is set to meet this week to deliberate.

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