BREAKING: Washington County GOP Central Committee has chosen Wayne Keefer

By Ryan Miner 



The Washington County Republican Central Committee has made its decision on who it will nominate to fill the vacant commissioner seat on the Washington County Board of County Commissioners.

The pick: Wayne Keefer 

Here’s a little bit more about Keefer:

Full name: Wayne Kelly Keefer
DOB: February 26, 1986
Age: 30
Home address: 209 Baptist Road – Hancock, MD 21750
Phone number: (301) 678-6457
Other minor details: Mr. Keefer is a bank administrator and Assistant Vice President of CNB Bank in Hancock. Keefer was recently appointed by Gov. Hogan to serve a four-year term on the Washington County Board of Elections; the Senate Executive Nominations Committee voted favorably on Keefer’s appointment. Keefer served as the treasurer of the Hancock Historical Society and is the current President of the Hancock Chamber Board of Directors. Keefer is a member of the Hancock Rotary Club. He currently serves as the treasurer for Terry Baker’s congressional campaign.

My sources have also told me that the Republican Central Committee will likely only send one name to Governor Hogan, not three; the Governor’s office has requested central committees to send [three] names when filling a vacancy.

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