Pathological Liar Dwight Patel Elected MDGOP 3rd Vice Chair

The Maryland Republican Party elected pathological liar Dwight Patel as their third vice chairman on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

The 7 Big Lies Dwight Patel Tells 

  • Dwight Patel claims he’s an architect. (He is not.)
  • Dwight Patel claims he graduated from George Washington University. (There is no evidence Patel earned an undergraduate degree from this university.)
  • Dwight Patel claims he earned a MA in Architecture from the University of Maryland College Park (He did not.)
  • Dwight Patel claims he’s an architect. (He is not.)
  • Dwight Patel claims he owns an architectural company called Bethesda Architects. (The company does not exist and has zero web presence.)
  • Dwight Patel claims he is married to a blonde Irish-Catholic woman from Chicago (Dwight Patel is unmarried.)
  • Dwight Patel claims he has four children – all boys – who attend or have attended the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland. (Mr. Patel has no children, and there are no records of Mr. Patel’s involvement with the Bullis School.)

MDGOP Executive Committee Candidate Patel lying about his academic credentials 

A now-removed Montgomery County Republican Party bio in Mr. Patel’s name claims he holds academic degrees from George Washington University and the University of Maryland at College Park.

Montgomery County Republican Party Bio for Dwight Patel

Mr. Patel is lying.

Did Patel graduate from George Washington University?

No, he did not graduate from George Washington University.

A LinkedIn page in Dwight Patel’s name claims he earned a bachelor’s degree in “International Affairs” from George Washington University in 1993.

Dwight Patel is not a graduate of George Washington University or the University of Maryland College Park

In August 2018, A Miner Detail requested copies of Patel’s academic records from the National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit agency that verifies student degrees and enrollment.

National Student Clearinghouse verified that Patel was once enrolled at George Washington University from May 1990 to May 1992, though there is no evidence that he graduated with a degree.

Dwight Patel did not earn a degree from The George Washington University

Did Former Montgomery County Council Candidate Dwight Patel Graduate From The University of Maryland, College Park? 

There is no evidence proving Dwight Patel earned a graduate degree from the University of Maryland College Park, as he claims.

Patel’s LinkedIn page claims he earned a master’s degree in architecture (MA) from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Once again, National Student Clearinghouse confirmed Mr. Patel enrolled in a College Park “summer program” from June 1991 to August 1993.

(See the image below.)

Dwight Patel did not graduate from George Washington University

Bethesda Architects Never Existed

Patel’s now-removed Montgomery County Republican Party claimed that he owned Bethesda Architects.

Bethesda Architects has no physical address, nor does the alleged business have a website.

Bethesda Architects does not exist. 

Mr. Patel is lying.

Bethesda Architects is not found when searching the Maryland Business Express website.

An Instagram page in Patel’s name says, “Dwight Patel is a Bricks and Mortar (sic) Architect, IT Guru, and New Media Rock Star.”

This is a screenshot of Dwight Patel's Instagram page.

He is lying.

Patel’s Twitter account bio also claims he’s an architect.

This is a photograph of Dwight Patel's Twitter account bio that misrepresents his professional work history.

And Patel’s LinkedIn page lists Patel as both the “owner” of “Bethesda Architects” and its “Chief Technology Officer.”

“We are a full service (sic) architecture firm specializing in residential and commercial design and remodeling projects. Our projects range in size and scope from 500500-square-foot additions to 5,05,000-square-footage homes. We are the new kid on the block in (sic) Washington Architectural scene. Our Team has over ten years of professional Architectural experience.”

In 2016, Patel told the Washington Post that he was an architect.

Dwight Patel’s Failed 2018 Maryland State Senate Run

In 2018, Patel ran for the Maryland state Senate in District 20 after no other Republican filed for the seat.

He lost in the general election to state Sen. Will Smith (D).

District 20 is a heavily Democratic legislative district.

Patel was one of three Montgomery County Republicans selected to fill legislative vacancies after the 2018 filing deadline expired.

The Montgomery County Republican Party did not run a complete set of candidates in all eight of Montgomery County’s legislative districts.

7 Comments on "Pathological Liar Dwight Patel Elected MDGOP 3rd Vice Chair"

  1. charles zebe | April 8, 2022 at 8:51 am |

    Great vetting by the GOP. With friends like this who needs enemies! Wow, this is the best candidate we can put forward? George Soros must be proud. Yikes! Who is paying attention to this train wreck? Dee thanks for being such a good watchdog for us.

  2. Shocking and there is a typo (liar, not lair)

  3. Wow Dwight, still telling whoppers? Do you still live in your parents basement in Silver Spring? hahahaha, loser.

  4. my experience with Dwight was back in the 80’s. Back then he was Rakeesh Patel and I believe he was a grade ahead of me, but we had the same architecture class at Blair High School. I imagine they are all CAD now, but back then it was still pencils, T-squares and huge pieces of paper. I remember very little from that class, but distinct memories of Rakeesh always dragging his sleeves across his work and smudging the hell out of it. He was crazy and annoying back then. It was sometimes funny how nuts the guy was, but it more often was just tiresome. This website and his Facebook photos surrounded by TRUMP/PENCE MAGA paraphernalia surprise me very little. His wiring is very off and I would feel sympathy for him except his type is one of the several that are endangering our very democracy right now and the priority has to be to contain his influence on others as this website attempts to do.

  5. You forgot his former SUV was repossessed not traded-in, his habitual bad check writing in MD and VA to local and state parties, his using nonexistent addresses on Wisconsin Avenue and at Woodmont Center, etc. The county party overlooks it because after his father’s passing he paid off the mortgage for their office.

  6. MD Court Case Search
    Public Records
    Rakeshkumar Patel
    Silver Spring
    Montgomery County

  7. I worked with Dwight when he was the “IT guy” at Accuracy in Media in the 1990s. He was a congenital liar who was eventually fired for incompetence.

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