CD-6 Republicans 2016 Q1 fundraising totals; Hoeber dominates

By Ryan Miner 


This campaign finance summary covers Q1 (January 1, 2016 – March 31, 2016).

*COH = Cash on Hand

Amie Hoeber:

Raised: $21,134.00
Candidate Loan: $150,000
Spent: $293,178.73
COH: $77,245.35

David Vogt:

No information to report.

Frank Howard:

No information to report.

Terry Baker:

Raised: $11,214.74
Spent: $11,099.48
COH: $1933.86

Harold Painter:

No information to report.

Robin Ficker:

Raised no money.

COH: $0.00

*** How is Robin Ficker paying for his 4×8 signs and campaign mailers? Where is the money coming from, and why hasn’t Ficker listed his expenses through his congressional campaign account?***

Christopher Mason:

Raised no money.

COH: $0.00

Scott Cheng:

Raised no money.

COH: $0.00

Quick analysis: 

To compare the 2016 Q1 FEC numbers to the 2015 Q4 numbers, click here.

Hoeber continues to dominate the fundraising race among her Republican colleagues. I could not find any updated FEC reports for David Vogt or Frank Howard.

Terry Baker has shown he is also capable of raising money; a much better quarter for Baker, whose primary support is centered in Washington County – the epicenter of the 6th Congressional District.

According to the 2015 and 2016 FEC reports, Hoeber could mount a serious financial challenge to John Delaney in a November general election, thus returning the the 6th Congressional District back into Republican hands.

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