Update on the MDYR/MDGOP Frat Party

By Eric Beasley

Some more information has come out concerning Chairman Nero’s CPAC Symposium while I was spending my day being an adult and doing adult things, like planning a real debate, planning 2 campaign strategies, fixing a fence, and finishing up my workshop. To be fair, I did stop by the comic book shop to grab Justice League Volume 4 and Green Lantern Volume 1, I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether or not that is an “adult thing.”

Multiple members of Chairman Nero’s Imperial Cabinet have already come to his defense, no surprises here. The claim? The Gaylord Hotel has a policy against bringing in alcohol that was not purchased from the hotel.

So I did what any logical and reasonable person would do. I went to Google to find out if this were true. Approximately 30 seconds later, and present on the 4th search result on Google, I found the following:

Alcohol Gaylord

Just to confirm, I went to 7th result on the first page of Google and spent another 30 seconds investigating:

Alcohol Policy

So there you have it. The Maryland Young Republicans were too busy campaigning in Georgia to be bothered with spending 1 minute on Google to verify that their event venue allowed alcoholic beverages to be purchased from outside the venue. Sure, they can hop on Facebook and defend their dear leader. Where were they during the planning stages of this event?

Further proof that the “Competent Slate” has turned out to be the “Incompetent Slate.”

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2 Comments on "Update on the MDYR/MDGOP Frat Party"

  1. To be fair, every hotel in the state of Maryland has this same disclaimer. You need to dig a little deeper when you Google a topic. This same rule would apply to every hospitality suite at every convention and conference held in a hotel in Maryland. It really is dependent on the discretion of the hotel whether or not to enforce this rule. I imagine this would be enforced if a party became loud and the crowd was rowdy. They don’t press it too often for an adult gather that shuts down by 9pm.

    You need to know this information if you plan to hold a fundraising event in a hotel. We have held several events in various hotels and they are generally glad to work with you more often than not.

    By the way, the comic book thing; I wouldn’t go around telling people you actually read those things. At least not in a blog where you are ragging on someone for being less of an adult. I’m not judging, this is just an observation. Okay, maybe judging a little……

  2. Eric Beasley | March 7, 2016 at 12:29 pm |

    I only wish Universal Comics was not such a long drive… 😛

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