MDYR/MDGOP Hospitality Suite Shut Down by Hotel Security

By Eric Beasley

As some of you may know, the Maryland Republican Party, the Maryland Young Republicans, and numerous other Republican-leaning groups sponsored a hospitality suite at CPAC.

This probably makes little sense to you, the reader, because you have a real day job and cannot afford to take time off work to go to political conventions or go door knocking in Georgia’s 80th District. So let me explain.

During political conventions, various subgroups of that political party rent out hotel rooms within the same facility and advertise them as hospitality suites. The theory goes that these suites are an opportunity for attendees to interact with other attendees. In reality, it is an excuse for a party.

Last night at CPAC, it appears that the party ended a little early. I received the following screenshots around 9pm last night:

Beer Confiscation 1

Beer Confiscation

Something doesn’t seem right. Why would hotel security come into a hotel room at 8 pm and take away a large amount of alcoholic beverages? I’ve been a part of hotel gatherings where we were asked to “keep it down,” but that was well after the “quiet time” of 10 pm and they never confiscated our private property.

I can only think of one possible situation in which hotel security would carry off private property (alcohol) during an event. Underage drinking. Given the manner in which Kory Boone rules over the Young Republicans with an Iron Fist and silences dissent with threats of expulsion, nobody should be surprised that the attendees are staying quiet.

Maybe as a 30 year old married father of 1.7 kids, I am just too old and the days of bragging about partying so hard at 8 pm that it gets shut down by hotel security are long past me. Or perhaps the Maryland Young Republicans are actually this immature and treat the organization like a frat party.

The Maryland Young Republicans are not an excuse to party and it should not be treated as a dating service. With every event, or lack thereof, it becomes clearer why Kory Boone needs to resign.