The MDGOP Unity Slate to the Republican National Convention

By Ryan Miner 

11 Republican at-large and alternate at-large delegate positions to the Republican National Convention will be selected this weekend by Republican Central Committee members who attend the Maryland Republican Party’s annual spring convention in Annapolis.

22 Maryland Republicans who supported a mixture of presidential candidates during this hootenanny of a political cycle have decided to form a “MDGOP Unity Slate.” Compromise is a word that seems to have been lost this cycle; however, the  “unity slate” satisfyingly embodies the best and brightest within Maryland’s Republican Party.

Don Murphy says it best: “Unity isn’t about joining with friends, it’s about joining with opponents.” That’s the spirit, Don.

The Unity Slate includes some of the best and brightest Republicans in Maryland. I know most of the names on the list. I place my trust in these individuals, especially Don and Gloria Murphy, to represent me, a Republican, at the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland.


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