Stephen Austin, School Board Candidate, Responds To Partisan Attacks

Stephen Austin joins A Miner Detail Podcast

Montgomery County Board of Education at-large candidate Stephen Austin joined A Miner Detail Podcast for the third time on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Austin is running on a “neighborhood schools” platform. He has been ruthlessly and unfairly attacked by a small group of Montgomery County progressive activists who live primarily beneath the beltway in Siver Spring and Takoma Park.

Mr. Austin joined the podcast on May 18, 2020, alongside Marisa Tvardek Safa and Kimberly Large Miner.

He is the founder and creator of the Facebook group Montgomery County MD Neighbors for Local Schools.

Austin pushed back against the attacks aimed at his campaign and detailed his candidate platform. He further discussed the controversial Montgomery County Public Schools boundary analysis study.

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