Nancy Floreen, MCDCC Ice Cream Social and Dog Poop?

By Ryan Miner 

Politically-involved people frequently and fervently receive political mail via the good ol’ fashioned United States Postal Service. Typically the political mail we do receive consists of campaign flyers, financial solicitations, and invitations to political events.

But yesterday, we received a peculiar piece of mail with no return address.

And we have no idea what the mail means, why it was addressed to our home, or why said mail was lumped together with an invitation to an “Ice Cream Social Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton” at Montgomery County Council President Nancy Floreen’s home, scheduled for this Sunday, July 17.

Could someone – anyone, please – help us understand the correlation?

Below are scanned copies of the mail we received:

MCDCC Invite

MCDCC Invite 2

MCDCC Invite 3

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