Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association endorses state candidates

A Miner Detail shares the Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association’s press release that announces its “recommended candidates.”


The Political Action Committee of the Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association is pleased to announce its recommended candidates for the State Legislature to its 2800+ members.  Based on the voting records of incumbents, a questionnaire addressing the concerns of the association and personal interviews, the following persons have received the recommendations:

District 14 Senate:            Craig Zucker

District 15 Senate:            Brian Feldman

District 16 Senate:            Susan Lee

District 19 Senate:            Ben Kramer

District 20 Senate:            Will Smith

District 39 Senate:            Nancy King


District 14 Delegates:       Anne Kaiser

                                             Eric Luedtke

                                             Pamela Queen

District 15 Delegates:      Kathleen Dumais

                                             David Fraser-Hidalgo

                                             Kevin Mack

                                             Harvey Jacobs


District 16 Delegates:     Ariana Kelly

                                            Marc Korman

                                            Samir Paul


District 17 Delegates:     Kumar Barve

                                            Julie Palakovich Carr

                                            Jim Gilchrist


District 18 Delegates:    Al Carr

                                           Leslie Milano

                                           Emily Shetty

District 19 Delegates:   Bonnie Cullison

                                          Marlin Jenkins

                                          Marice Morales


District 20 Delegates:  Lorig Charkoudian

                                          David Moon

                                          Jheanelle Wilkins


District 39 Delegates:  Lesley Lopez

                                          Kirill Reznik

                                          Shane Robinson

Previously announced by the Association as recommended candidates were:

County Executive:            Rose Krasnow

District 1 Council:            Pete Fosselman

District 2 Council:            Craig Rice

District 3 Council:            Sidney Katz

District 4 Council:            Nancy Navarro

District 5 Council:            Tom Hucker

At-Large Council:             Gabe Albornoz

                                             Marilyn Balcombe

                                             Hoan Dang

                                            Hans Riemer


Bd. Of Ed. Dist. 1:           Judy Docca

Bd. Of Ed. Dist. 3:           Pat O’Neill

Bd. Of Ed. Dist. 5:           Brenda Wolff

Bd. Of Ed. At-Large:        Karla Silvestre

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