Montgomery County Council candidate targeted by racism

Montgomery County Council at-large candidate Hoan Dang posted to Facebook yesterday that after attending the first-anniversary fundraiser for the Montgomery County chapter of Communities United Against Hate, his campaign received a racist Facebook message from Rockville resident Dor Jacob Lachovizer.

Dang, a Vietnamese-American whose family immigrated to the United States in 1975, issued a statement in response to the racist attack.

A Miner Detail contacted Dor Jacob Lachovizer, 22, via Facebook Messanger with questions about his attack on Dang. Below is the Facebook conversation that unfolded.

A Miner Detail: Good Evening, My name is Ryan Miner. I am a reporter for I saw today that a candidate running for County office in Montgomery County shared a comment you made to him. Could you explain why you made the comment? Your post has been distributed. I’m reporting on the story and had a couple of questions for you. Are you a racist? Why did you make the comment you did about Mr. Dang?

Lachovizer: I’m an observationalist
A Miner Detail: Could you explain to me what that means?
Lachovizer: I’m tired of self loathing politicians
A Miner Detail: Are you prejudice against Asian-Americans?
Lachovizer: They want to talk non sense all day, I can to. Are you prejudice against American?
A Miner Detail: You told an Asian-American to “go back home.” What does that mean?
Lachovizer: That means I want him to go back where ever he came from, no matter where that be and keep his narcissistic self loathing to himself
Lachovizer: I’m far from a racist. My grandpa is a holocaust survivor. Of auswtich
A Miner Detail: You said in your comment that “these Chinese people are quietly taking over.” What does that mean?
Lachovizer: am i getting paid for this? the russains pay me more
A Miner Detail: Do you expect to be paid? I am writing a story about your remarks and would appreciate if you could answer my questions. Thanks.

Lachovizer again attacked Dang on his campaign Facebook page shortly after A Miner Detail contacted him with questions about his previous attack.

Lachovizer’s Facebook feed is filled with alt-right propaganda and pro-Donald Trump postings and memes. 

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