Heather Mizeur’s Soul Force Politics Raises Questions

Soul Force Politics is Heather Mizeur's nonprofit

Have you ever heard of Soul Force Politics?

Soul Force Politics or MizMaryland is Heather Mizeur’s nearly forgotten nonprofit that she launched in 2017.

Mizeur, formally from Takoma Park, is a candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.

She’s the Maryland Democratic establishment’s preferred candidate. Nearly every Democratic gubernatorial contender has endorsed her.

Whatever happened to Soul Force Politics?

Heather Mizeur’s MizMaryland/Soul Force Politics Nonprofit 

This report demonstrates that Heather Mizeur transferred $195,705.67 from her 2014 gubernatorial campaign to MizMaryland Inc., a non-profit she once controlled.

Heather Mizeur is a former member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

She represented District 20 in the Maryland General Assembly from 2007 to 2015.

In October 2017, Heather Mizeur announced that she created a nonprofit organization “meant to bridge the divides in the current partisan political environment.

Mizeur named her organization MizMaryland/Soul Force Politics. 

“At the heart of this work is the belief that we are all connected, rejecting traditional political tactics that divide people and ideas into categories of ‘us’ against ‘them,'” Mizeur said in her October 2017 press release.

Here’s how Mizeur described Soul Force Politics:

“Soul Force Politics is the thoughtful combination of our inner wisdom with our external actions. When our spirit is awakened and allowed to guide our political discourse, we find more room for common ground, connections, and understanding differences of opinion.”

What to Know About Soul Force Politics 

Soul Force Politics featured a policy blog and podcast written and hosted by Heather Mizeur.

When it first launched, the blog made some news by proposing a state-based community service program tied to a tuition-free community college called “Benefit Maryland.”

The organization was registered in Maryland on March 27, 2017, as a 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation.

Friends of Heather Mizeur 

“Friends of Heather Mizeur” references Heather Mizeur’s 2014 Maryland gubernatorial campaign.

“MizMaryland, Inc.” is (or was) a registered non-profit corporation controlled by Heather Mizeur.

The corporation does business as “Soul Force Politics.”

Soul Force Politics is Heather Mizeur's nonprofit.


Heather Mizeur for Congress” is the name of Mizeur’s 2022 congressional campaign committee that’s registered with the Federal Election Commission.

What is Soul Force Politics Political Footprint in Maryland? 

A Miner Detail has found no evidence that MizMaryland left a lasting political footprint in Maryland politics.

MizMaryland wasn’t akin to a Change Maryland or Our Revolution. These organizations produced tangible results and energized and activated a grassroots network.

Change Maryland was the entity responsible for Larry Hogan’s successful gubernatorial campaigns.

And Our Revolution positioned U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders as Joe Biden’s top progressive rival in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary contest.

When did Heather Mizeur last mention MizMaryland/Soul Force Politics on the campaign trail?

What has become of MizMaryland/Soul Force Politics? 

The state of Maryland indicates MizMaryland as “Forfeited” and “Not in Good Standing” as of October 16, 2020.

The Soul Force Politics website says this:

“We are on sabbatical. Please check back for new programming in 2023.” 

Mizeur Launches Congressional Campaign in January 2021

In January 2021, Heather Mizeur launched a congressional campaign for Maryland’s First District.

Mizeur’s congressional campaign committee paid MizMaryland $2,047.20 for office space, email list usage, and logo design, according to a March 2021 FEC filing.

So, Heather Mizeur hired herself as a vendor? She essentially acted as her landlord.

Even though MizMaryland was in corporate default, the legal entity continued to operate its Soul Force Politics brand and accepted payments from the Mizeur for Congress campaign.

Is it possible that Heather Mizeur suspended MizMaryland’s Soul Force politics website to avoid public review and voter scrutiny?

Question: Can somebody explain MizMaryland/Soul Force Politics’ impact?

Soul Force Politics created podcasts; its website featured a blog.

But what did it do?

What was the long-term purpose of Mizeur’s nonprofit, and has it had any lasting impact on Maryland politics?

MizMaryland Tax Filings 

MizMaryland’s tax filings are public records.

(Click the links below to view.)

These tax filings indicate that MizMaryland filed IRS Form 990 for 2017, 2018, and 2019.

But A Miner Detail hasn’t found records of IRS filings for 2020 or 2021.

In 2017, MizMaryland reported revenue of $208,459, with $20,215 in expenses.

Schedule O was submitted with a limited listing of expenses and is “Available Upon Request from CEO.”

In 2018, MizMaryland claimed revenue of $15,775 and $63,296 in expenses.

And in 2019, MizMaryland claimed revenue of $9,273 and $40,309 in expenses.  Schedule O is “Available Upon Request from CEO.”

Campaign finance law states that donations from political campaigns to charitable organizations cannot be used for purposes that personally benefit the candidates.

The Money Transfer 

Three weeks later, on April 14, 2017, Heather Mizeur transferred $193,000 from her 2014 gubernatorial campaign to her MizMaryland.

On the surface, at least, the money transfer raises questions.


Did Heather Mizeur establish MizMaryland to accept the excess cash from her 2014 gubernatorial campaign account?

And did Mizeur use campaign funds to subsidize her brand as Maryland’s most prominent progressive activist?

Dave Harden should ask Heather Mizeur these questions during a debate.

But Mizeur would have to agree to debate Harden.

The majority of Marylanders want Andy Harris out of Congress.

The Democrats are in for an exceedingly tough battle this fall. The new congressional map doesn’t bode well for the Dems.

Heather Mizeur is a strong candidate and a progressive trailblazer.

If she’s the Democratic nominee, you can bet Andy Harris’ campaign will question Mizeur over her nonprofit.

You’ll remember that Andy Harris isn’t a nice guy. The MAGA congressional brigade has no scruples.

Mizeur should get it all out now before Harris’ attack machine makes it an issue.