Hood College Professor Featured by Liberals of TikTok

Simone Kolysh

The now-infamous Libs of TikTok Twitter page reposted a video from Hood College Professor Simone Kolysh.

What To Know About Simon Kolysh 

Kolysh claims it’s “illegal” to be trans, gay, have a uterus, or be in an interracial marriage.

Hood College President Andrea Chapdelaine sent an email to the Hood College community vaguely addressing Kolush’s recent comments.

“Hood College supports and protects academic freedom for students, faculty, and staff – the right to civilly express one’s views on various issues.

However, academic freedom is not unbounded.

We, as a College and a community, are committed to creating a climate of intellectual diversity, dignity, and respect.

Statements and generalizations that personally attack others are inconsistent with Hood’s values and do not reflect the views of the College or our community.”

Hood College Professor Simone Kolysh

Professor Simone Kolysh is no stranger to controversy.

According to multiple sources, Professor Kolysh grades on a curve.

A political curve, perhaps?

Some of Koylsh’s students have claimed that Kolysh considers their students’ political affiliations when grading assignments.

And some students have even complained to Hood College’s administration about Koylsh’s grading practices.

Kolysh’s Classes 

Some of Kolysh’s students say Kolush has labeled other students as “homophobic racists” if they disagree with their opinion.

Kolysh reportedly berated a white student for writing an essay about Jackie Robinson.

If you have any further information concerning Professor Kolysh’s classroom activities, please reach out to A Miner Detail.

Simone Kolysh’s Public Statements

Mount Saint Mary’s University, a private, Catholic University in Emmitsburg, Md., recently disinvited Kolysh from speaking on campus.

The Mount cited Kolysh’s Twitter feed as a reason for disinviting the Hood College professor:

“As a homosexual, I use god’s rest day to spread the gay agenda through prayer and meditation.

God I hope all my kids are lgbtq. I think the oldest might be straight. *shudders, hopes it’s a phase*”

Koylsh set her Twitter account to private after Mount St. Mary’s University disinvited them.

Koylsh’s Tea & Talk Presentation 

Simone Kolysh gave an hour-long presentation during Hood College’s Tea and Talk.

At the 28:00 mark, Kolysh admits that multiple students have contested their grades in their class.

During the same talk, Kolysh affirmed that they have been teaching the content for a decade They also claimed naturalized citizenship can be revoked.

(No U.S. laws exist that strip naturalized U.S. citizens of their citizenship.)

Kolysh claims that someone’s education level is an “unearned power” for which they are born and do not earn.

They describe themself as “lesbian, immigrant, agender, Marxist, and radical who does not favor assimilation politics,” and they have advocated for “radicalizing the curriculum.”

The Hood College professor claims many Americans are “are recovering racists and sexists.”

Frederick County Councilwomen Jessica Fitzwater (D) used talking points similar to Koylsh’s during a Frederick County Council meeting.

Kolysh has also advocated for intersectionality to incorporate into the Hood College scholarship and admission process, an issue slated for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Does Hood College Lack Political Diversity?

Hood College has experienced political controversies in the past.

Do you remember the hubbub around the Hood College Republicans‘ display board?

Sources at Hood College claim that Hood College student with a “Blue Lives Matter” sticker on their vehicle was harassed and assaulted by other students.

Hood’s administration did not intervene in the matter.

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