Governor Hogan’s Budget, C&O Canal Fees and Common Core. OH MY!

This week on A Miner Detail: 
Ryan will dissect Governor Hogan’s budget and talk about the Democrat’s overraction and hyberbole James Coyle, Secretary of the Hagerstown Tea Party, will join the show to discuss the proposed C&O Canal fees and the Central Committee Replacement ProcessEducation Activist, Cindy Stickline-Rose of Frederick County, will join us to talk about her battle against standarized testing and Common Core State Standards. Cindy Rose is on the front lines of fighting Common Core and standarized testing in Maryland. She filed suit in March 2014 in Frederick County Circuit Court to get a parents’ right to refuse standardized tests affirmed. While waiting for a second court date, she learned that Frederick County Public Schools tested her developmentally delayed nine-year old without parental permission.

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