The Most Interesting Man in Hagerstown: My Interview with MTEK Chris Abbott

Join me this Wedneday, January 28 at 9:00 p.m., for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with business owner, My Tech (MTek), Chris H. Abbott, Hagerstown’s most infamous viral marketeer, public opiner and opinion shaper and chief agitator of all politicans alike. 
I’ll talk with Chris about how he got started in the computer business and his viral marketing techniques I’ll ask Chris about his provacative online persona, his sense of humor and his trademark Facebook satire and how he amassed an uncanny online following I’ll ask Chris about some of the controversies created as a result of his online social media persona We’ll discuss the friction he developed with some local politicans in Hagerstown ANDI’ll ask Chris about his ideas to improve the City of Hagerstown and move the City in a positive direction
Learn more about Chris and his business here and check out Chris’ Facbeook page here. 





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