Delauter’s internal polling data presents ominous sign for Afzali

By Ryan Miner 

A source close to Kirby Delauter’s campaign for Frederick County executive shared with internal polling data that shows while Delegate Kathy Afazli may have a lead over Delauter in overall name recognition, she is still widely disliked, and many Frederick Republicans just haven’t made up their minds on which candidate to support.

Kirby Delauter internal polling memo by Ryan Miner on Scribd

Read the data for yourself and make your own determinations about what the numbers mean, but just remember that the Frederick County primary race for county executive is still wide open, but when Republican voters learn more about Afzali, the numbers swing over to Delauter.

When initially polled, Afzali has a 10-point lead, but after hearing the issues, Delauter’s lead grew to 40 points.

It’s notable to point out that Regina Williams, a Republican, was not mentioned in the polling data.

A brief reminder of why voters dislike Kathy Afzali, because, you know, at least women are marrying men these days:


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