Why political advocates should embrace their past, not run from it

Eric has opened up about his past trials and tribulations in a series of posts on A Miner Detail. From his time in a Mexican torture camp, to his year in Iraq, to his toxic first marriage, and finally his suicide attempt.

Ryan has a past – one that is well known and often used against him in politics. From his ridiculously stupid comments he made about homosexuals at his Catholic college in 2005; his assault charge in 2007; and his DUI incident in 2013, Ryan wants to share the lessons he’s learned and why it’s important to embrace your past, open up and let people know the real person. 

Eric and Ryan are going to discuss how these stories are not unique. Everyone has a history, and it is morally reprehensible to use these past mistakes for political advantage.

These trials and tribulations made you the person you are today. We have embraced these mistakes, and we want you all to do the same.

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