Josh Cramer, Maryland Teacher, Threatened To Remove Students Over Pro-Trump Clothing

Josh Cramer is a prominent Democratic Party official in Frederick, Maryland.

In fact, Joshua Cramer is the former chief of retiring Maryland state Sen. Ron Young (D-Frederick).

In 2017, Mr. Cramer taught history at Smithsburg High School in Washington County, Maryland.

He wrote on Facebook that he would toss high school students from his classroom if they wore clothing supporting former President Donald Trump “or MAGA apparel.”

“Trump is a symbol of racism and bigotry,” Cramer wrote.

“As I did last year, students wearing Trump or MAGA apparel are asked to leave. Let them come for me.”

Below is a screenshot taken from the former teacher’s Facebook page at the time.

Joshua Cramer Is A Former Smithsburg High School Teacher 

Josh Cramer is a former Smithsburg High School English teacher and current Frederick County Democratic Central Committee member.

During the summer of 2017, Cramer referred to Trump on Facebook as a “symbol of racism and bigotry.”

He said he previously requested his high school students leave his classroom if they wore clothing that supported Donald Trump or the “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” movement.

“As I did last year, students wearing Trump or MAGA apparel are asked to leave. Let them come after me for it.”

Josh Cramer Under Fire 

Washington County Public Schools parent Joel Jordan called on his Facebook friends to share a screenshot of Cramer’s Facebook remarks.

Jordan also asked his Facebook friends to contact the Washington County Board of Education and “speak with a supervisor” regarding Cramer’s comments about Trump.

“You do not have to leave your name. So I would like all my friends to make calls,” Jordan said.

Teacher Cramer Offers Context About His Facebook Remarks

Josh Cramer offered context about his remarks in a subsequent Facebook posting.

“For anyone wondering the context of my post, it was on a page for teachers.

In other comments, I noticed how some students, in an attempt as ‘RJ’ has just done here, try and unnerve people. To get them upset.

I was very troubled last spring when I took students on a field trip to the National Holocaust Museum and saw several young people wearing Trump shirts and MAGA hats.

Now, we saw people wearing them all over DC, but there was a particularly large number of them at this specific museum.

I understand coded language.

I have also seen students getting in the faces of my Muslim students wearing a hijab and yelling, “Trump!” at them.

My point is that I have to create a safe and positive learning environment for ALL students. You have the right to free speech, but you don’t have the right to bully and intimidate my students trying to learn.

Especially by pushing a racist and hateful agenda.

Trump has called Mexican immigrants racists, he has banned people from entering the US solely on the basis of their religion. He has proposed a ban on transgender people from our military.

This is hate. I am interested in educating, not promoting hate.”

Smithsburg High School Responds To Cramer’s Remarks 

Then-Smithsburg High School Principal Michael Chilcutt issued the following statement after a torrent of parents contacted the high school about Cramer’s online comments:

Thank you for contacting me, and I appreciate your concerns.

I have been in contact with the central office on this issue and have addressed it with Mr. Cramer.

It is against our policy and my personal values to restrict any student’s access from the classroom for exercising his or her first amendment right.

Michael Chilcutt, Principal
Smithsburg High School

Washington County Public Schools Respond To Joshua Cramer 

Washington County Public Schools issued the following statement in response to Josh Cramer’s 2017 Facebook comments.

Recently it was brought to the school system’s attention that a staff member made social media comments regarding the removal of students from a classroom because of their political beliefs.

First and foremost, the school system is not aware of any student(s) having been removed from a WCPS classroom or any school property for expressing political beliefs.

Further, this type of action is not in accordance with Washington County Board of Education (BOE) Policy or Administrative Regulation and is not and will not be condoned in any way.

Regarding the use of social media for WCPS employees, the BOE has very specific language governing the application of these online tools, and appropriate action will be taken in cases when misuse is reported.

Other News Coverage Of Josh Cramer’s 2017 Facebook Comments 

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