Washington County commissioner candidate goes on anti-Democrat screed; refers to Dems as “mentally retarded”

Washington County Republican commissioner candidate Donny Ravas recently took to Facebook in a charged political screed, punctuating his longstanding disdain for Democrats and compared members of the party to mob-like figures.

Ravas, who is listed as the president of the Hagerstown Tea Party on the group’s website, referred to Democrats as “mentally retarded,” an outdated phrase once used to identify intellectually disabled individuals, in a scathing social media attack.

In the same post, Ravas attacked transgendered Americans, claiming Democrats “are also or placing every single woman and female in jeopardy because of those [sic] (men, its, whatever who are confused about their sexuality) where the (the women) are most vulnerable.

Ravas further called Maryland a “Communist state who are trampling our God given rights as soon and as fast as they can.”

“The Democrats are for illegal Aliens and criminals and not legal citizens,” Ravas wrote. Ravas further claimed that Democrats want “MS13, gangland type murderers and thugs roaming out communities.”

The first-time Republican commissioner candidate is well-known in Washington County for parroting President Donald Trump’s hardline positions. Ravas has routinely championed anti-immigrant and nationalist positions via his Facebook account.

Last year, Ravas applied for the District 2B state delegate seat that was vacated by Washington County Circuit Court Judge Brett R. Wilson, who was appointed to the bench by Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

Ravas, however, was passed over by the Republican Central Committee for the more moderate Paul Corderman, who was, at the time, a sitting Hagerstown City councilman. Corderman was subsequently sworn into office to fill the remainder of Wilson’s term in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Wilson tapped Ravas in 2014 to serve as campaign manager for his successful state delegate campaign. An assistant states attorney at the time, Wilson ousted longtime Democratic incumbent John P. Donoghue in the 2014 District 2B general election.

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