The Financial Disclosures of Magistrate Joanie Raymond

By Eric Beasley

A Miner Detail previously published an article concerning the questionable financial disclosures of Magistrate Joanie Raymond (aka Joanmarie Brubaker).

To analyze the financial issues uncovered, A Miner Detail requested comparative financial disclosures from Magistrate Julia Minner and now Judge Richard Sandy.

We compared the post-appointment earnings of the last 2 Magistrates/Masters appointed to the Frederick County Courthouse.

Judge Richard Sandy reported $1,200 in income from his law firm during his first year as a Magistrate/Master. He reported $6,000 in income from his law firm during his second year as Magistrate/Master.

Judge Sandy’s financial disclosures are here.

Magistrate Julia Minner reported no income from her previous employment on her 2001 financial disclosure.

Magistrate Minner’s financial disclosures are here.

Since 2016, Magistrate Joanie Raymond reports $239,000 in income and $32,000 in distributions from Raymond Law Center. Raymond does not have any partners operating the business in her absence. Additionally, the Raymond Law Center is not a legal business entity in Maryland. The business license was forfeited for failure to file property tax returns in 2017.

It is a crime for any person to spend or receive money from an unlicensed business entity.

Magistrate Joanie Raymond’s financial disclosures are here.

The Maryland Judiciary refused to comment.


There are no legal explanations for how Magistrate Joanie Raymond (aka Joanmarie Brubaker) has over $271,000 left over in her former law firm. In 2016, she had approximately 14 cases. In 2015, she had approximately 44 cases. A majority of these cases were dropped criminal charges, traffic tickets, or uncontested family issues. Her case history does not support this level of residual income, nor could she have received this level of income for 3 years after not representing clients in court.

I reached out to sources in the legal community and none offer payment plans for 3 years to pay off legal fees.

At a minimum, Magistrate has been operating an unlicensed business for 3 years or falsified her financial disclosure. Both are crimes. Worst case, she has been receiving unreported income for 3 years. You can use your imagination to guess why someone would want to send a check to a family law Magistrate.

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