Commentary: Magistrate Joanie Raymond’s financial disclosures

A Miner Detail previously published an article about Frederick County Magistrate Joanie Raymond‘s financial disclosures.

To analyze Raymond’s financials, A Miner Detail requested comparative financial disclosures from Frederick County Magistrate Julia A. Minner and then-Magistrate Richard J. Sandy, who is now a Frederick County associate Circuit Court judge.

The analysis includes the judges’ post-appointment earnings in comparison to the previous two magistrates appointed to serve as the Frederick County Courthouse.

Judge Sandy reported $1,200 from his law firm during his first year and $6,000 his second year serving as a magistrate.

Judge Sandy’s financial disclosures are here.

Minner reported no income on her 2001 financial disclosure from her previous employment.

Magistrate Minner’s financial disclosures are here.

Since 2016, Raymond reported $239,000 in income and $32,000 in distributions from her law practice, Raymond Law Center, P.C. Raymond lists no law partners at her firm.

Additionally, Raymond’s legal practice is unlisted as a Maryland legal business entity. The business license was forfeited for failure to file property tax returns in 2017.

Magistrate Joanie Raymond’s financial disclosures are here.

The Maryland Judiciary refused to comment.

Eric’s Commentary

In 2016, Raymond heard approximately 14 cases, and in 2015, she heard approximately 44 cases. A majority of the cases were withdrawn criminal charges, traffic tickets, and uncontested family issues.

Her case history warrants further review and additional questions: Does Raymond’s caseload equal her earned income?

At a minimum, Raymond may have operated an unlicensed business.

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