Terry Baker’s “metaphors”

By Ryan Miner 

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At a recent Montgomery County CD-6 Republican congressional debate, Washington County commissioners’ President Terry L. Baker remarked,

“If I were in war, I think the last people I would want in my foxhole would be Clinton, Obama, Kerry, I’d have to take them out first.”

The video of Baker’s remarks is below:

Whether Baker was joking or not, a Republican congressional candidate should understand how to gauge and temper his or her remarks in public, especially in a congressional district that, according to analysis, is D+4 (or more). Should Baker somehow win the CD-6 Republican primary, John Delaney would have a field day with Baker’s remarks in the general election.

And I predict the many Montgomery County Democrats that Baker would need to win over to beat John Delaney in a general election matchup wouldn’t exactly view his remark as an off-colored joke, either.

You would think Baker would have enough sense not to joke about “taking out” the current president, a former president, a presidential candidate and the current secretary of state.

But Baker doubled down on his remark, however, after Herald-Mail newspaper reporter CJ Lovelace contacted Baker and asked him to provide some clarity.

Lovelace wrote,

“Baker defended his comment Friday, saying it was “a metaphor for the way I feel about their courage to stand up for America’s safety.”

“It was a metaphor, and that’s all it was,” he said.”

Commissioner Baker should contact his close friend and former teacher colleague Karen Harshman, a retired Washington County Public Schools English teacher, to learn the real definition of a metaphor.

A metaphor is a figure of speech which makes an implicit, implied or hidden comparison between two things that are unrelated but share some common characteristics. In other words, a resemblance of two contradictory or different objects is made based on a single or some common characteristics.

Here are actual examples of metaphors:
  • The snow is a white blanket.
  • The hospital was a refrigerator.
  • The classroom was a zoo.
  • America is a melting pot.
  • Her lovely voice was music to his ears.
  • Life is a roller coaster.
  • The alligator’s teeth are white daggers.
  • Their home was a prison.
  • The slide on the playground was a hot stove.
  • His heart is a cold iron.
  • She is a peacock.
  • He is a shining star.
  • Time is money.
  • My teacher is a dragon.
  • Tom’s eyes were ice.
  • The detective’s face was wood as he listened to her story.
  • She feels that life is a fashion show.
  • The world is a stage.
  • My kid’s room is a disaster area.
  • The children were flowers grown in concrete gardens.
  • Kisses are the flowers of affection.
  • His words were cotton candy.
  • Mary’s eyes were fireflies.
  • John’s suggestion was just a Band-Aid.
  • The cast on his broken leg was a plaster shackle.
  • Jane’s ambitions are a house of cards.
  • Her long hair was a flowing golden river.
  • The computers at school are old dinosaurs.
  • Laughter is the music of the soul.
  • He is a night owl.
  • Maria is a chicken.
  • The falling snowflakes are dancers.
  • With his new haircut, he was a sheepdog.
  • At five o’clock, the interstate was a parking lot.
  • Books are keys to your imagination.
  • Her teddy bear was her best friend, never telling her secrets.
  • The peaceful lake was a mirror.
  • Terry was blue when his goldfish died.
  • The wind was an angry witch.
  • The ballerina was a swan, gliding across the stage.
  • Her angry words were bullets to him.
  • Your brain is a computer.
  • Jamal was a pig at dinner.
  • You are my sunshine.
  • The car was a furnace in the sun.
  • Thank you so much. You are an angel.
  • That coach is an ogre.
  • Ben’s temper was a volcano, ready to explode.
  • The kids were monkeys on the jungle gym.
  • The sun is a golden ball.
  • The clouds are balls of cotton.
  • Sue’s room is a zoo with fish, a gerbil and a parakeet.
  • The park was a lake after the rain.
  • The lightning was fireworks in the sky.
  • Gary is a mule.
  • That lawn is a green carpet.
  • My dad is a road hog.
  • The stars are sparkling diamonds.
  • Those two best friends are two peas in a pod.
  • He is a walking dictionary.
  • Donations for the popular charity were a tsunami.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • My big brother is a couch potato.
  • The road was a ribbon stretching across the desert.
  • The teenager’s stomach was a bottomless pit.
  • The thunder was a mighty lion.
  • I am so excited. My pulse is a race car.
  • The moon is a white balloon.
  • Toddlers are rug rats.
  • The stormy ocean was a raging bull.
  • Her tears were a river flowing down her cheeks.

There was nothing “implicit” about Baker’s so-called “metaphor.”

“Taking out” President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former President Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t a metaphor. Not even close.

The fallout from Baker’s remarks continue, and I expect his faux pas only to get worse.

Since when was it appropriate to joke – wait, hold, up… make a metaphor – about “taking out” our nation’s leaders, regardless of how much you disagree with said leaders political ideologies or decisions? I’ve said some dumb things in my life, but I owned my remarks and recognized my follies.

Terry Baker doubles down.

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  1. The metaphor here is “Those three are cowards who run from battle and expose friendlies to hostile action or try to prevent defensive action to encourage surrender.”

    The line was to exemplify the cowardice and evasiveness that the people he mentioned were guilty of. He’d have to take them out first because they may physically sabotage his attempts to attack the enemy, as they’ve already done politically to our military.

    Full context: https://youtu.be/QxO-9VuyPbs?t=12m20s

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