Samir Paul announces 2 endorsements

District 16 Democratic candidate Samir Paul announced today that he was endorsed by both the Montgomery County Education Association and national Trump resistance organization Run For Something.

A Miner Detail shares Paul’s press release.

Bethesda, MD – Local computer science teacher Samir Paul announced today that his campaign for District 16’s open delegate seat has been endorsed by both the Montgomery County Education Association and national Trump resistance organization Run For Something. These are the first organizational endorsements of any challenger for the District 16 race.

MCEA President Chris Lloyd was enthusiastic about the endorsement. “In a chaotic political environment, we have to reaffirm our commitment to public schools as a place where we give every young person a shot. Samir is the perfect steward of that bold vision.”

“My family’s American story was made possible by great public schools, and I’m eager to join with teachers, parents, and the wider community to renew that promise for my students and for a whole new generation of young people,” District 16 Delegate Candidate Samir Paul said. “I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work. It’s a great honor to have the support of educators across the state.”

In the recent January fundraising filing, Paul reported over $108,000 cash on hand. He raised 419 contributions totaling about $101,000 — the most raised from supporters by any challenger vying for the open seat. “We’re off to a strong start, and we have the resources to run a robust campaign. These fundraising numbers are validation that our efforts to knock on doors and talk to voters are making an impact. This community wants to protect and strengthen our schools, transportation, economy, and environment, and I’ll never stop fighting for that vision — no matter what’s happening down the Red Line in Washington.” Paul said.

Paul also received the endorsement of Run For Something, a leading Trump resistance group that launched in early 2017 to support young, progressive candidates for office. “Young people aren’t the future; we’re the present. I’m proud to be part of a nationwide tidal wave of millennials claiming a seat at the table. I see this as an opportunity to show my students that they’re never too young to make a difference.” Paul said. Run For Something endorsed and supported ten first-time, under-35 candidates in the November 2017 Virginia House of Delegates elections; most of them won.

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