Robin Ficker made a big mistake

By Ryan Miner 


I wrote yesterday that some Republican voters in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District were a bit surprised to see Washington County Circuit Court Judge Viki Pauler‘s picture on the front of Robin Ficker’s latest campaign mailer.

I also wrote that I presume Robin Ficker did not first solicit Judge Pauler’s permission to use her picture in Ficker’s latest mail piece.

As it turns out, I was right.

Yesterday, I contacted Judge Pauler’s campaign via email, asking whether she or her campaign authorized candidate Robin Ficker to use said photograph on his campaign mailer.

Judge Pauler’s response was this: 

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.13.45 AM

Judge, is it any wonder that Robin Ficker’s law license was suspended twice?

He just can’t seem to do the right thing. Ficker uses the same reckless disregard when placing his 4×8 campaign signs throughout the 6th Congressional District: he doesn’t first seek permission from the property owners before placing his signs.

Not exactly a smart move to irk a sitting Washington County Circuit Court judge, especially when you tout yourself as a “Western Maryland attorney.” I’d hate to see what it would be like for Robin Ficker to be in Judge Pauler’s courtroom.

Robin Ficker: shoot first, aim second.

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