Montgomery County Sentinel covers GOP CD-6 debate

By Ryan Miner 


The Montgomery County Sentinel, an online newspaper that exclusively covers news in MoCo, released yesterday an article that detailed the Republican CD-6 debate that was held last Thursday, Jan. 7, at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn.

Here’s a clip from Kathleen Stubbs piece, “GOP candidates debate for District Six seat,”

“Candidates’ responses to questions on Delaney’s stance on the Syrian refugee crisis came in varying levels of sentiment but for the most part did not encourage additional refugees due to distrust of the effectiveness of the vetting process for refugees.

Howard echoed the governor’s statement that allowing refugees in under a weak vetting process was a security risk.

“It’s extraordinarily dangerous to let in Syrian refugees without proper vetting,” said Howard.

Following the debate, Hoeber said although she thought the vetting process was detailed, having background checks and multiple interviews, Syrian documents and records were not organized enough to be reliable sources of background information.

“I think it’s absolutely impossible to do with the Syrian refugees that deployed here,” said Hoeber. “We cannot vet their unconnection with terrorism. There isn’t enough data of the society in Syria didn’t keep their source of records. We wouldn’t have access to those records even if (Syria) had kept (the records).”

You can read the full article here.

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