Rob Slocum’s first 100 days as Washington County’s administrator

By Ryan Miner

– Called into question the County’s support on the Fort Ritchie project – one of the largest economic opportunities the County is currently involved in.

– Rearranged priorities that hinder the downtown project, another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the urban center.

– Promoted at least four engineering staff members to higher-level positions without following County policies, with substantial salary increases and with no change in reporting responsibilities.

– Demoted the CFO. Now requires the position to report directly to the Administrator, consequently removing the transparency and fiscal accountability required by the commissioners.

– Presented a budget with substantial increases without dedicating excess funds for critical issues, such as employee’s salaries and emergency services.

– Neglected to follow County policies to promptly investigate employee complaints.

– Ordered an investigation of employees for “leaking” information to the media, instead of addressing what was “leaked.”

– Restricted the flow of information from County government to media outlets.

– Shortened Commissioner meetings to 1 1/2 hours on average and reduced information provided to the public.

– Participated in questionable business practices with a Commissioner and a local company.

– Sanctioned County employee changes that reduced morale and efficiency.

– Changed the proposed location of the County’s election board offices, causing missed deadlines and changes to long-term capital planning.

– Temperamental outbreaks when communicating with staff in public offices.

– Used employee confidants to “watch” other employee actions and report on them.

– Excluded the former County administrator, Greg Murray, from helping with issues that could have benefited the County.

– Told several people the “commissioners” made decisions without advising said Commissioners or asking their opinions.

– A majority of Commissioners are making decisions in private, instead of the required public discussion with all five.

– Reduced public confidence in the operation of County government.

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