MDYR Leadership turns into 14 year olds

I hate writing this. It is literally one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Something a stupid person just did that everyone should know about. To be fair, isn’t that basically what a political blogger does anyways? Someone does something stupid, and I write an article with added snark.

The Maryland Young Republicans are at it again. Specifically, Emperor Nero….er, I mean Kory Boone.

We all know that the MDYR Purge 2016 kicked off early this year with Kristen Long as the target. You might be wondering what did Ms. Long do that was so terrible to warrant his royal highness trying to get rid of her? She had a birthday party on the same day as a YR event. Whoopdey-freaking-do.

It appears that in true immature fashion, Mr. Boone decided to send a conversation between him and Ms. Long to an aide to Delegate Bob Long, the father of Ms. Long. A long Facebook conversation in which Mr. Boone called for Ms. Long to resign from her position on the MDYR board.

Considering what is happening right now in Annapolis with some pretty ridiculous bills and insane veto overrides, I can confidently say that Delegate Long has much more important things to do than deal with Mr. Boone’s little vendetta. On top of that, what kind of person runs to a political opponent’s father trying to smear them? What does that tell you about the character of the man?

Side Note: I’m glad that my Dad is so awesome that he would laugh you out of the room for pulling some stuff like that. Love you Dad!

But wait, there’s more…

At the same time, Mr. Boone’s lapdog is also inquiring into the office of Delegate Long about the work status of a person named Ron Ozarowski. Who is he? Mr. Ozarowski volunteered for Delegate Long. He also happens to be dating Ms. Long. Now do you see it? Mr. Boone digging for Mr. Ozarowski’s full time employer in order to get him fired.

Childish, immature, and ridiculous little games. All perpetuated by one man, Kory Boone. How would you feel Mr. Boone if I posted your supervisor’s phone number on the internet for your political enemies to call up and try to get you fired?

Is the best that we can do, Maryland Republicans? Do you see anyone else going after the job and livelihood of political activists? Politics is not a full-time job, and we as a party should excommunicate anyone within our ranks that tries to make a member of our party unemployed for the sake of petty revenge.

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After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.

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