Keller wins cash at annual charity event; intends to keep prize money

Hagerstown City Councilwoman Emily Keller’s dubious winning streak continues.

The Hagerstown Rotary Club held its annual marquee charity event – the Bull and Oyster Roast – on Sunday at the Hagerstown Community College’s ARCC.

Keller announced on Facebook today that she had won $1.00.

A Miner Detail’s sources report that Keller has indicated that she intends to keep her cash prize earnings.

Reaction to Keller’s winnings is mixed.

“Can you believe Emily Keller has the audacity to keep her prize earnings,” said one Hagerstown resident. “I mean, I know she’s a councilwoman and all, but who does she think she is winning that money fair and square and then deciding to keep it?”

Others demanded an investigation.

“Keller’s questionable winning streak is just too coincidental,” one Bull and Roast attendee told A Miner Detail. “The Herald-Mail should really look into this. I just don’t think they cover as much as they should. They should really look into this councilwoman.”

Held traditionally on the last Sunday in February, the event is replete with an all-you-can-eat buffet, fresh shucked and fried oysters, beer, wine, soft drinks, gaming tables, tip jars, and even a raffle to win a big screen HD tv and iPad mini.

Hagerstown Rotary Club’s website says that “a growing crowd of over 1000 people attend the event each and every year. Cost is $50 per person; ticket purchases of 8 or 10 can be reserved as tables to ensure your group can enjoy the event sitting together.”

It’s unclear whether Keller intends to hold a press conference on Monday to announce her prize winnings.

*Note: This is satire.*

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