John King Swipes At Tom Perez

Maryland Gubernatorial candidates

John King and Tom Perez are running for Maryland governor in 2022.

The two men served together in former U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration.

John King served as Mr. Obama’s second Education Secretary from July 2016 until Mr. Obama left office in January 2017.

President Obama tapped Tom Perez to run the Labor Department in his administration, a position Perez held from July 2013 until January 2017.

In February 2017, Mr. Perez began his stint as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

He left the job in January 2021.

Incidentally, Democrat Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected president of the United States while Tom Perez was D.N.C. chair.

John King Swipes at Tom Perez 

Do you subscribe to candidate John King’s email list?

In June 2021, you might remember this email blast from candidate King:

“Today, another well-connected opponent entered our race for governor of Maryland, joining the other celebrities and millionaires in a crowded field.”

Uh, huh.

That’s subtle. Is John King running for Maryland governor?

That’s funny.

John King is “another well-connected political insider” from one of Montgomery County’s most-notable elitist enclaves.

The subtle swipe at Perez was petty, no?

The two men served together in the Obama administration. They were colleagues.

Is there some beef between these two men? 

Perez had just entered the Maryland governor’s race when King went classless.

King could have said nothing when Perez jumped in the race or welcomed him to the Democratic gubernatorial race with a tweet.

But John King’s strategy since entering the race has been to attack his fellow Democrats – probably because nearly every one of King’s opponents is polling ahead of him.

It’s weird: Perez and King are competing for the same support base within the Democratic Party.

Let’s head back to King’s June 2021 email blast: 

John King did not explicitly mention Tom Perez by name.

But you know to whom he is referring.

King’s email blast continues:

“I will NOT be the progressive champion that Marylanders deserve.”

“We need a governor with an unflinching commitment to advancing economic, racial, climate, and educational justice. That’s why we need to elect John King as Maryland’s next governor.”

The attack on Perez wasn’t the issue.

Instead, John King attacked Perez seemingly to raise some money.

And that’s lame.

That’s lame.

King emailed his supporters an urgent request:

“His gubernatorial campaign has a $50K “rapid response goal.”


Maryland’s Ivy League Candidates 

John King and Tom Perez seemingly have a lot in common.

Both men attended Ivy League universities; they both went to Harvard.

King graduated from Yale University Law School.

And Perez graduated from Harvard Law School in 1987, four years ahead of Barack Obama.

King said more in his June 2021 email blast:

“We need a bold leader who will reject the status quo and work to achieve an economy that is equitable and fair for all Marylanders.

But King doesn’t feel the same about his Democratic opponents.

His email blast confirms as much:

“He can’t say the same for his opponents.”

“Hollow half-measures and lip service on climate action, worker protections, and criminal justice reform won’t meet the moment.”

But if you’re looking for a progressive Democrat to support, John King says he’s your guy!

As of June 2022, John King polls at four percent, just about “Somebody else,” according to the Baltimore Sun/University of Baltimore June 2022 gubernatorial poll.

The same poll has Tom Perez at 12%, just behind Peter Franchot and Wes Moore.

Is it any wonder John King attacks his Democratic opponents when he’s sitting at three percent in the polls?

Know this: John King will not become Maryland’s next governor.