The insulting notion that voters can be bought

By Ryan Miner 


One myopic silly theocrat – an insecure little fella – who still lives in the comfort of momma’s basement, pretending to operate a “news network,” has attempted to insert himself as an outside agitator into the Congressional District 6 Republican primary at every opportunity, attacking the only female in the race, Amie Hoeber – sometimes to the point of a psychological obsession.

This little fella – he’s more comparable to the screaming child at Pizza Hut whose momma nixed dessert because Lil’ guy couldn’t sit still at the table – has been pushing the notion that voters in the 6th Congressional District can somehow be bought or coerced to vote for one candidate over another simply by the amount of money being spent.

Only one candidate running in the Republican primary in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District has been able to both raise significant funds and self-fund their own campaign. Congressional races are expensive, especially in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. If a Republican candidate cannot raise the requisite cash to be competitive against the multimillionaire John Delaney, Republicans will once again lose the seat.

Incidentally, Dan Bongino came close to winning CD-6 because he raised A LOT of money.

Quarter after quarter, Amie Hoeber has demonstrated that she can both raise the cash to compete against John Delaney as well as contribute her own personal, hard-earned money to her campaign. In the eyes of some, Amie Hoeber’s ability to raise significant funds and spend her own money on her campaign is being translated into a negative. It’s actually a positive; she is the only Republican candidate in CD-6 who has proven she can mount similar resources to take on John Delaney.

How can CD-6 voters expect to win back the district with a candidate who cannot raise significant amounts of money or self-fund? To assume otherwise is to embrace a fake reality. Allow me to welcome back the skeptics to the reality we live in: John Delaney is a multimillionaire, moderate Democrat. The 6th District has more Democrats than Republicans. And Republicans who can’t beat Delaney in fundraising in a moderate, D+4 district are going to lose.

The Hoeber campaign has been using its funds raised in conjunction with Hoeber’s personal contributions to do what any successful congressional campaigns is supposed to do: introduce Hoeber to voters, broadcast her national security and limited government message to the district, and highlight why she is the best person to represent voters in Washington.

So far, among her Republican primary opponents, Hoeber has run one of the most aggressive and robust digital media and mailer campaigns – two key ingredients in a winning apparatus. Moreover, she’s a hands-on candidate; she has a ubiquitous presence throughout the district. She’s on the ground, knocking doors, attending hundreds of events and introducing herself to voters in all five of the district’s counties.

Since the CD-6 primary began, Hoeber, Vogt and Baker have been the most hands-on campaigners. I hear Chris Mason is knocking doors and meeting voters, at least that’s what he’s telling me on Twitter.

We would be remiss not to mention that Amie Hoeber’s husband, Mark, a brilliant engineer and a former Qualcomm executive, has contributed significantly to Maryland USA, a pro-Amie Hoeber Super PAC. Citizens United is a debatable Supreme Court case we can discuss at a later time. Epstein is legally exercising his First Amendment rights. Do you want to debate free speech? Let’s have at it.

I am taken aback by the accusations that Hoeber is attempting to ” buy the election.” I think such a notion insults CD-6 Republican voters. Do the promulgators of the “buying the election” conception actually believe that the voters are so gullible as to be bought? Not in CD-6; we’re much smarter than Lil’ Guy gives us credit for being. 

The point of the Hoeber campaign spending its own money is so that it can make sure that every Republican primary voter has a chance to know who Amie Hoeber is and where she stands on the issues.

You’ve probably seen or heard about Hoeber’s resume? For what’s it worth, Hoeber’s life experiences and her career CV are worth being broadcasted to primary voters. And that’s exactly what Hoeber’s campaign is doing – exercising their right to spend money to show why Amie’s career can be put to good use in Congress. 

Voters are free to make their own knowledge-based decisions from the information they have at their disposal. Why – or how – could anyone believe that the money the Hoeber campaign is spending on advertising takes away their freedom to pick Hoeber over one of her Republican opponents?

In the broadest sense, the accusation that voters can be bought is beyond insulting. 

Hoeber, Vogt and Baker have run tremendous campaigns. Amie Hoeber, Terry Baker or David Vogt will win the Republican primary in CD-6.

Good luck to each of their campaigns in the final week.

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