Glass featured in Washington Jewish Week

Montgomery County Council at-large candidate Evan Glass was featured in Washington Jewish Weekly earlier this month on September 14.

Here’s a snippet from Dan Schere’s article:

Glass decided to get involved in local politics and helped found the South Silver Spring Neighborhood Association to discuss and take action on local issues such as transportation and public safety. For several years, he spent his day working on Capitol Hill as a reporter, and then would take Metro home and attend neighborhood association meetings. This, he said, provided a stark contrast between how slowly things get accomplished at the federal level in comparison to the local level.

“While I’m covering Congress and nothing is getting done, I’m coming home at night and getting sidewalks built and helping our business owners go through the licensing and regulatory process and achieving some success,” he said. “And that is why I got into local politics.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

Glass kicked off his County Council campaign the third Saturday in September in Silver Spring with more than 150 people in attendance.

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