David Warnock’s campaign releases new TV ad

By Ryan Miner 


I don’t know which company David Warnock hired to do his media, but the ad below clearly reveals that David Warnock and his campaign team made a tremendously responsible and effective decision.

Watch Warnock’s latest campaign ad, “This Old Truck,” below:

This ad hits home for me. And he still has the truck! Great optics and narrative.

Warnock’s campaign – still the underdogs, perhaps – is blossoming at the right time.

Baltimore City is looking for something different this go-around. Warnock’s business experience and his optimistic, forward-thinking agenda are on target to renew the spirit of a city that needs some help.

I expect Warnock’s poll numbers to continue to rise.

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2 Comments on "David Warnock’s campaign releases new TV ad"

  1. I went to his announcement at the Lexington Market.
    This man is the real deal.
    Self made. Hard working. A true visionary.
    He walks the walk not just talks about it.
    Huge philanthropist.
    Plus built a great school in West Baltimore.
    David Warnock IS exactly what Baltimore needs!!!!!

  2. Avatar Dr. Warnock King | January 19, 2016 at 2:59 pm |

    He’s polling around 3 to 5 percent! He doesn’t stand a chance and why is he portraying himself as Captain save a Negro? Not to mention he spent 30 of those years in Baltimore County. ….

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