Sheriff Chuck Jenkins: Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner a ‘Fraud,’ ‘Failure’

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins calls County Executive Gardner a "fraud" and "failure"

Frederick County’s so-called Conservative Club in 2020 protested Frederick’s COVID-19 lockdowns at Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner’s (D) home.

The local Republican Party’s opinion split on the efficacy of the Conservative Club’s protest – but that’s a political dynamic worth exploring in future articles.

Do you want to understand Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins’ thoughts about protesting at the homes of public officials?

Videos of the Conservative Club protests, led by Frederick County political activist Fred Propheter, can be found herehere, and here.

Sheriff’s Office Recap of the Gardner Protest 

On Nov. 21, 2020, Frederick County Sheriff Sergeant Brian Woodward sent a briefing email to Sheriff’s Department officials about the November 2020 protests in front of Gardner’s home.

(Woodward was since promoted to the rank of lieutenant.)

“Deputies were on a WIN card at CE Gardner’s residence [residence redacted],” Woodward’s email said.

“At approximately 0835 hours, 10-15 vehicles arrived in front of the residence. Approximately 25-30 individuals began a protest, partially on the sidewalk and the side of the roadway. No pedestrian or vehicle was obstructed.”

Woodward said the protestors utilized a “loudspeaker, at times playing music, and would bang pots and pans.”

“During the first hour of the protest, counter-protesters began to arrive on scene. Leaders from both sides were contacted and cooperative. The counter-protestors had approximately 15-20 individuals.”

Woodard said Gardner was contacted after the protests concluded.

“CE Gardner expressed appreciation for the presence (sic) we have shown in the area lately. We explained the concern for additional protests and that we will continue to conduct checks of her residence,”

The Sheriff’s Office received multiple complaints about the noise level as the protest occurred.

Police documented citizen complaints in additional documents, as provided to A Miner Detail.

None of the protestors were arrested or charged with a crime.

Chuck Jenkins Critical of Jan Gardner

A Miner Detail obtained Jenkins’s Nov. 28 email, addressed to Stacy Pedersen, in which Jenkins blasted Gardner as a “disgusting fraud and failure as an elected official in so many ways.”

“I’m in my tree stand hunting this morning, but I’m attempting to find some ways to rally everyone against her,” Jenkins wrote, referring to Gardner.

Jenkins said he was “speaking with Attorney’s (sic) to determine if there is a way to stop this,” ostensibly referring to Frederick County Sheriff’s deputies conducting checks on Garder’s residence if further protests occurred.

“There is supposed to be a peaceful protest this morning (Nov. 28, 2020) in front of Gardner’s home. She has a BLM [Black Lives Matter] sign in her yard and is calling my deputies for help,” Jenkins said.

“Suddenly she [Gardner] is afraid of our side. What a disgusting fraud and failure as an elected official in so many ways.”

Eric Beasley’s Chuck Jenkins Commentary 

Is Chuck Jenkins suddenly raising public awareness about Jan Gardner’s poor decisions as Frederick County’s executive?

Convenient timing, no?

Perhaps that would involve writing articles about Gardner’s apparent public failings on a news site.

During the November 2020 protests in front of Gardner’s residence, no Black Lives Matter sign was present at Gardner’s home.

Protestors published an online video of a Nov. 28, 2020, protest at Gardner’s home.

That video reveals a Black Lives Matter flag in Gardner’s front yard on Nov. 28.

Take note: The published video broadcast began at 8:31 a.m.

However, Jenkins sent an e-mail at 8:04 a.m. that referenced the Black Lives Matter sign at Gardner’s home.

How did Jenkins know that Gardner had a Black Lives Matter sign before protesters published a video of the incident?

Was Chuck Jenkins at Gardner’s residence before the Nov. 28 protest?

Are there additional documents from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office about the incident that Frederick County’s Sheriff Department refuses to disclose?

Shaun Porter

Do you remember Shaun Porter?

He’s the Marylander who holds up 4×8 signs criticizing Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and other elected officials.

Porter’s signs are often controversial.

Last February, Jan Gardner filed a peace order against Mr. Porter for protesting in front of her home.

Jenkins testified as an “expert witness” at Porter’s temporary peace order hearing – on behalf of Jan Gardner.

That’s the same Jan Gardner, right?

That’s the same elected official who Jenkins referred to as a “fraud” and a “failure” a few short months before Porter’s court hearing.

Gardner, though, ultimately dropped her peace order against Porter.

A Miner Detail provides readers with the audio from Porter’s 2021 hearing.

Last year, Shaun Porter joined A Miner Detail Podcast to discuss his protestations of COVID-19 lockdowns and the peace order Gardner filed against him.

Why are Frederick County Conservative Club protestors treated differently than Shaun Porter?

Chuck Jenkins sure has a funny way of taking the law into his own hands and conveniently deciding when to apply his strict moral standards.

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