Stop playing chess and listen to the citizens

By Eric Beasley



There are many things that really bother me about legislators. I can’t stand legislators that do not understand Robert’s Rules. I can’t stand legislators that do not understand how flawed their laws are. But most of all, I cannot stand legislators that believe they are better than the citizens they represent and refuse to hear their legitimate concerns about legislation.

A great example. A few months back I spoke in front of the Frederick County Council. While speaking, the members were engaged. I could tell that they were listening to what I was saying, taking notes, and actually interested in what I had to say. Hats off to you all, no matter how much we disagree.

I came across this picture on social media, where legislators are held accountable for their actions. This is a picture of Senator Jamie Raskin (D-not surprised) during testimony against his proposed unconstitutional and frivolous gun control measures.

Do you see it?

The good Senator, who also believes he should represent the 8th District in Congress, is playing chess.

Senator, you are not paid by my tax dollars to play chess. You are paid to do you job as a legislator, which includes listening to the opposing view. If you would like an echo chamber, where the regular citizen does not have the ability to address their grievances with their government, then perhaps you should move to China, North Korea, or Iran.

Hat Tip Jay Payne for the picture.

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