Why Vaping is Better Than Smoking Cannabis

Is vaping better than smoking cannabis?

Cannabis enthusiasts around the country have rejoiced in the legalization of cannabis in so many states across the country in the last several years. Some states have recreational cannabis, and others only have medical, but the wave of legalizations has made many more folks aware of the benefits of the cannabis plant.

Seasoned veterans and complete newbies to the cannabis world may have opinions on the best method for enjoying cannabis. The choices are endless, after all—so many strains to choose from and a whole world of cool smoking pieces and vaporizer devices.

So, which one’s better? Smoking weed or vaping it?

Smoking Cannabis

The history of cannabis smoking is a long one. That hasn’t changed today, and most people’s favorite method of ingestion is still smoking. This can’t really be faulted, as smoking is the fastest way to enjoy cannabis. It doesn’t take long to prepare, and then it only takes a few minutes after taking a hit to feel the first effects.

Smoking also brings with it the world of different smoking pieces. You will be able to choose from glass and metal pipes, water vases (some even have ice catchers!), hookahs, and even gas masks to enjoy your cannabis. Pipes and water vases usually come in many enjoyable designs, and you can find the perfect smoking piece for you.

Others don’t worry much about having smoking pieces and go straight for the old-fashioned way. They’ll roll a joint cigarette or a blunt and have it ready to pass around in just a few minutes. This is a fun way to spice up a social gathering.

Some folks find smoke too harsh, some have problems where smoke may irritate their lungs, and others don’t like to smoke. Vaping cannabis is one way to solve that issue, and vaping also provides several other advantages to smoking.

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping cannabis is a great way to enjoy the plant without dealing with some of the problems that smoking presents. Some people who vape and smoke have reported that they enjoy vaping a bit more sometimes. They like that vaping cannabis:

  • Doesn’t leave behind a smell. People who vape cannabis don’t have to worry about the smell left behind. People who live in a rented house or shared space could benefit greatly from vaping as the smell of burned cannabis won’t linger on their clothes or in the room.
  • Vaping tastes better than smoking. One of the biggest selling points for nicotine vapor products is how much they tasted better than cigarettes but with the same effects, which is true of cannabis vapes. All of the same effects, just better tasting and not as harsh. 
  • Some folks claim they experience a cleaner high. People who vape cannabis enjoy the clearer head high they feel when vaping as opposed to smoking. They enjoy what appears to be a cleaner high along with the usual feelings of relaxation and euphoria.

That’s not all the benefits of vaping cannabis, either. There are a ton of cool products for you to choose from that can help you get started. Some opt to buy a Volcano vaporizer for herbs; others prefer a vape for oils. Regardless of your preference, there are plenty of reputable brands creating devices that cannabis enthusiasts love, and there are so many different kinds to pick from!

The most common types of weed vapes are cannabis oil vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers.

Cannabis Oil Vaporizers

Cannabis oil vaporizers heat cannabis oil in the tank and produce an inhalable vapor instead of smoke. Cannabis oil itself is simply a cannabis concentrate with a higher percentage of THC and CBD. Many people may already be familiar with these vapes, as it is often used for nicotine vaporizers.

There are several benefits to cannabis oil vaporizers. What are some of the best?

  • Customizable: As with nicotine vapes, you can customize these types of vaporizers to your very own style. There are all sorts of mods suited to different tastes. Mechanical mods and box mods, to name a few. There are also all sorts of different tanks to choose from. You can make whatever kind of vape you’d like.
  • Convenience and ease of use: Vaping cannabis oil can be convenient and easier for some people. When you run low in your tank on oil, you can fill it back up with a handy refill bottle from the dispensary. They are also discreet and easy to carry around with you.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Cannabis oil vaporizers have a lot of benefits, but dry herb vaporizers do, too! With dry herb vaporizers like the Volcano vape, you put in a bit of bud, and you’re ready to go. Dry herb vaporizers can be a bit more expensive than their cannabis oil counterparts, but they are worth the money for the people who enjoy them.

Some of the nice things about dry herb vaporizers are:

  • They use dry bud: All you have to do is throw a pinch of dry cannabis, or even a bit of a leftover joint, into a dry herb vaporizer, and you will be good to go. Dry herb vaporizers use only dried herbs, so you don’t have to worry about buying refill bottles for your tank.
  • Perfect for relaxing at home. Due to how discreet a liquid vaporizer is (plus, you don’t have to travel with a bunch of weed with you). At home, however, a dry herb vaporizer might hit the spot a little more. Sit down on the couch with your favorite TV show, throw some bud in your vaporizer, and enjoy yourself!
  • Great if you don’t have anything to smoke with. If you accidentally broke your pipe and have nothing to smoke out of, good news, you still have your vaporizer! It will save the day if you have something to smoke and nothing to smoke out of.

What about you?

 Do you have a favorite between smoking and vaping? If you vape, do you prefer oil vaporizers or dry herb vaporizers?

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