Sheila Dixon, former Baltimore Mayor, Is On A Redemption Mission

Former Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) joined A Miner Detail Podcast on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Dixon is Baltimore City’s first female mayor.

In 2020, Dixon ran in the Democratic primary to reclaim the job she held from 2007 until she resigned in 2010.

Dixon was defeated in the primary by now-Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott (D).

Dixon discussed:

  • Her background and her entrance into politics;
  • Baltimore City crime;
  • Baltimore City Gun violence;
  • The effects of the O’Malley-era crime plan;
  • Her plan to work through the coronavirus pandemic;
  • Education reform and Baltimore City schools;
  • Personal (and political) Redemption;
  • Baltimore City’s restaurants reopening.

Sheila Dixon On A Miner Detail Podcast 

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