Salisbury Mayor Jake Day, a Md. Army National Guard officer, to Deploy to Africa for 10 Months

Salisbury Mayor Jacob R. Day

Salisbury mayor, a U.S. Army Officer, to be deployed to Africa

Salisbury Mayor Jacob R. Day, a United States Army Cavalry officer in the Maryland Army National Guard, has received military orders that will deploy him to Africa for approximately 10 months.

Day, an Information Operations Officer with the 110th Information Operations Battalion of the Maryland Army National Guard, announced today that he will report for duty next week.

He will serve with the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa and associated units for ten months or so, according to Salisbury Public Information Officer Chris Demone.

Salisbury City Administrator Julia Glanz will serve as Salisbury’s acting mayor during Day’s deployment.

Day is tentatively scheduled to resume his mayoral duties in May 2021.

Captain Day enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2009. He is a graduate of the Information Operations Qualification Course as well as the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course, the Armor Basic Officer Leaders Course, Officer Candidate School and Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning, Georgia.

He previously served as the Senior Training, Advising and Counseling (TAC) officer at Officer Candidate School. He served as a platoon leader and executive officer in the 158th Cavalry Regiment as well as an aide-de-camp to Brig. Gen. Peter C. Hinz, the commander of the Maryland Army National Guard.

Maryland’s 110th Information Operations Battalion provides an ongoing rotation of Information Operations planners to support the Combined Joint Task Force’s operations throughout 12 countries, including Somalia, Djibouti, and others.

The unit is tasked with the integration and synchronization of Information-Related Capabilities (IRCs), including cyber, psychological operations, electronic warfare, civil affairs, and others.

“We’ve known that the day could come when my team with the 110th IO Battalion would receive the order to deploy,” Day said.

“I am honored to do my part to ensure that the citizens of this community and all Americans remain safe and free. No matter where the call may take me, I go with confidence in the leadership of City Administrator Glanz, as well as the capability of our other 434 City employees, and I know that our work will continue unhindered. The citizens of Salisbury can count on that.”

Glanz to serve as acting mayor 

Since her appointment to city administrator in Feb. 2017, Glanz has been instrumental in the reorganization of Salisbury’s city government. She has worked extensively with Day and the City Council to bring to Salisbury the National Folk Festival.

Glanz lives in Salisbury and previously served as the City’s deputy administrator.

She is a graduate of Salisbury University and serves on the University’s alumni board of directors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Political Science and a master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution.

“From the first day that I came to Salisbury, I knew I had found a place that I wanted to stay forever,” Glanz said.

“It has been such an honor to serve this city – first as deputy city administrator, and then as administrator – and I am prepared to keep us on track, and face every challenge we may face together. The citizens of Salisbury have my unwavering dedication, and that is my promise.”

Day becomes one of three mayors in the country who have been called to deploy while serving in office. He joins North Ogden, Utah mayor and U.S. Army National Guard Major Brent Taylor and former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a U.S. Navy officer.

Day said he recently spoke to Buttigieg about how a military deployment impacts city operations.

“This is such a unique situation,” he said. “I consider myself tremendously lucky to have received Mayor Pete’s insight.”

“He has reaffirmed my confidence that we are doing precisely what we need to do to ensure a seamless transition into, and then back out of this period. My heart will be here, with all of you, and with my beautiful family, but I know – beyond any shadow of a doubt – that we’re all in good hands.”

About Day 

Captain Day was born and raised in Salisbury, Md.

He was elected to the Salisbury City Council in 2013 and immediately became Council President. He was first elected mayor in 2015 and won re-election in 2019.

Mayor Day joined A Miner Detail Detail Podcast days before the November 2019 Salisbury City elections

Mayor Day holds a Master of Science in Nature, Society & Environmental Policy from Oxford University as well as a master’s degree in Urban Design from Carnegie Mellon University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Maryland.

He previously worked for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy where he served as the director of the Center for Towns.

Mayor Day and his wife, Liz, have two daughters.

This story was first reported by A Miner Detail.


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