Ryan Mauro on the Iran nuclear deal

Ryan Miner, the host of A Miner Detail as brought to you by the Change Montgomery Radio Network, will interview national security analyst Ryan Mauro on the Iran deal. 

Ryan Mauro is the National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, an educational organization focused on Islamist extremism and providing a platform for Muslim voices against it. Their films like “Obsession,” “The Third Jihad,” “Iranium” and “Honor Diaries” have been seen by over 50 million people.

He is also a consultant to various government agencies, political campaigns and policy-makers and an adjunct professor of homeland security and counter-terrorism.

Mauro has made over 1,000 appearances on radio and TV programs from both the left of the right, including frequent segments on FOX News Channel. He’s been widely published and quoted in outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill, Roll Call, the Daily Caller, FrontPage Magazine, PJ Media and the peer-reviewed journal, Middle East Quarterly.

He was originally hired as an international security analyst at age 16 for a maritime protection company. His research led to two speaking engagements at the International Intelligence Summit, billed as the most prestigious conference of its kind. The event’s material was found inside Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound.

He has served as a strategic analyst for the Wikistrat consultancy and as an intelligence analyst and director of the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center.

Mauro has a Bachelor’s Degree in Intelligence Studies, Master’s in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies, all from American Military University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security specialization.


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