The People who are STILL blackmailing me: Part III

By Eric Beasley

I’ve alluded to people who are still blackmailing me over my past to this day. Well, let’s be fair. They are not trying to make me do something like Jason Rheinstein was. Instead, they are trying to silence dissent.

Now, I can already tell you what the offender’s response will be. You don’t even need to read the rest of the article to know, it will be the same kind of comments like Jason Rheinstein left on this very blog, a bunch of slimy lawyer-type speak to evade responsibility for their actions.

You know the type. If you are actively involved in politics, you’ve been forced to have a conversation with these people. If you are not, it is likely that these people scared you away from actively advocating for political change.

You can see the original tweet here:

Jeffrey Peters Tweet

Since Jeffrey Peters is a nobody in Maryland politics, let me tell you who he is. He is a Red Maryland contributor and “political consultant”. How would he know about this? Red Maryland seems to come up a lot when discussing the topic of sleazy politics.

As was described in Blackmail Part I, the original blackmailer was Jason Rheinstein, who was acting as a proxy for the Maryland Young Republican Executive Board position held by Brian Griffiths. He received all the e-mails that I did. So why does he claim to not know about this?

Original tweet here:

Griffiths Blackmail

Because Brian Griffiths is the lynch pin of this blackmail. He is the person behind the scenes, pulling the strings. He has been since day one, at first trying to maintain control of an organization (Maryland Young Republicans) that he single-handily drove straight into the ground. Now, he is trying to keep me quiet, with schoolyard bullying and slimy politics. Whispering mean words in alleyways, making snarky comments on his little internet radio show. I’ve thought briefly about stooping to his level, publishing the dirt that I’ve dug up on him. Except that I am a good person, and he is not. I don’t need to go after his family, his job, or his past criminal activity, the same sort of attacks he has launched against me.

Brian Griffiths stepped over a line. It’s not the first time either. Enough is enough.

Presently, Brian Griffiths is running around with my expunged case file claiming that I like to “beat my women.” How is this even possible? There are 3 copies of that case file in existence. One is in the locked basement at Howard County, which cannot be unsealed without my knowledge and a court order. The second is in the possession of my former attorney, which would be disbarred for violating attorney-client privilege. And my copy is at an undisclosed location out of state. However that case file was obtained, a crime was committed.

My first platoon sergeant, SFC Young, used to make an analogy comparing a certain bodily function to the Army, the moral of the story being that an event never occurred unless you have the paperwork.


Just like my original article stated. Telephone misuse. Probation before Judgement, meaning there was no actual finding in the case. I completed my Probation, actually ended it 1.5 years early. Now, the records are expunged. For all intents and purposes, I have no criminal record. When Brian Griffiths decided to attack me from the gutter, I could have denied it all. Legally, I was never found guilty of a crime. The records are buried, so much so that you would have to commit a crime to find it. The above picture does not exist, as far as the Maryland legal system is concerned. On top of that, I would not have been lying.

But I am not going to parse words like that. I will not engage in slimy lawyer-speak while simultaneously decrying it. I messed up, and that isn’t the only mistake I have made in my life. The men who died on my watch and the lives that I personally ruined are what keep me up at night.

As I have said before, you can make up your own mind about whether or not I am a good person. You have that right, the entire story has been published on the internet for the world to read. Judge me as you will.

Let me ask you, the reader, something. And I want you to seriously think about it. Have any of your male relatives been through a divorce in the last 10 years? What was said about them during that divorce? Tell me, were any of those allegations true? Every divorce in the 21st century follows the same pattern: The male is abusive and violent, the woman is crazy and a drug addict. Or so their soon-to-be-former spouses would claim.

Just as importantly, you the reader have the ability to stop this. You can stop the slanderous personal attacks from the gutter. The people, whose secret actions I have brought into the light in Part I and Part II are only influential because you allow them to be.

Every time you read or share a Red Maryland article, you are supporting a petty child, running around the state with an illegally obtained case file, slandering people that he has grudges against. I am not the first person he has done this to, but I can be the last victim of Brian Griffiths, should you chose to put a stop to it.

Eric Beasley Administrator

The Government is here to help you. The government has ALWAYS been here to help you. Soylent green is not people. There are 5 lights. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, Shaka when the walls fell. The Capitol has the best interests of all the Districts in mind. None of these sentences are being said under violent threat. These are my sincere beliefs. – E.A.B.

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