Mary Washington calls on Ethics Committee to release interim report on Curt Anderson sexual harassment allegations by end of the week

State Del. Mary L. Washington, Ph.D., today addressed a letter to Maryland Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch that calls on the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics to release an interim report by the end of this week on its findings regarding Del. Curt Anderson’s conduct.

The Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics is investigating Del. Curt Anderson, one of three Democrats who represents Baltimore’s legislative District 43, for allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.

“Even with the knowledge that the investigation is not yet complete, these interim findings, presented in a spirit of transparency, will provide the public with a sense of who is involved in the process, their expertise in investigating sexual misconduct cases, the timeline of the investigation, and some assurance that these most trouble accusations have been taken seriously and are truly being acted upon,” wrote Washington, who serves with Anderson in District 43.

The Baltimore Sun reported last week that five women accused Anderson of sexual harassment, ranging from unwanted kisses to unsought oral sex. Anderson is running for re-election this year and serves as the chairman of the District 43 delegation.

The Sun reported that the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics hired an outside investigator – Baltimore firm Miles and Strockbridge – to investigate the allegations against Anderson.

Anderson denies the allegations.

“The fact that these matters have been kept secret while Del. Anderson continues to serve as our city’s delegation chair and continues to campaign for re-election is a grievous insult to the #MeToo movement that is powering our nations’ fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault,” wrote Washington in her letter.

Washington’s letter reads as an indictment of the Annapolis culture and is an indirect swipe at Miller and Busch, who, sources tell A Miner Detail, “buried this story under the rug to protect another old guy who’s part of the good ol’ boys club.”

A Miner Detail shares Washington’s letter.

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